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Mirin Fader can’t solve the glitch

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Mirin Fader is my pal and an excellent contributor to Bleacher Report and She’s also about 20 years my junior, and therefore it brings me great joy that she has yet to solve the iPhone ‘I’ glitch (To quote the wife: “Really? That took me seven seconds”). Here’s Mirin’s sad take on the situation …

I’m a sports writer.

I should be #pivotingtovideo.

I should be starting my own podcast.

I should be a multimedia maven.

But at the moment? I can’t figure out how to fix the Apple glitch. That’s right. Don’t tell me to go into Keyboard and Text Replacement and put a lowercase “i” and an uppercase I in each spot.

Been there. Done that. At least 10 times.

I’ve re-started my phone. I’ve seen it work for a minute then the next sentence time I type I into a sentence, it gives me now a lower-case “i.”

I’m damn near close to booking my Genius Bar appointment. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve gone in there and made a fool out of myself.

My ipod Nano’s battery broke recently (yes, I still use my nano. It’s adorable. I can’t give it up).

My iPhone 6’s storage was ruining my life (sorry I want to listen to 13 podcasts?) My space bar of my MacBook wasn’t working (Am I typing too hard? Is this why the man at my favorite coffee shop keeps staring at me and one time told me I’m going to develop carpal tunnel?)

Apple, I don’t know. I’m tired of you making a fool of me when I try to use Twitter so I can grow my #brand

Help a girl out.