They’re marching because of you, fool

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Here’s what I can tell you about Donald Trump, from spending two years on a USFL book: He lacks any sense of irony or self-deprecation.

This is not a man who makes jokes at his own expense. This is not a man who sees life through a humorous prism. He doesn’t find stuff funny, and he certainly doesn’t like being the butt of jokes or scorn.

So, I can say with complete certainty, this Tweet wasn’t intentionally ironic.

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Which, truly, is sad. Donald Trump doesn’t understand that women are marching, in large part, because he’s a ruthless asshole. He somehow thinks (always thinks) that money equals happiness; that if the stock market is rolling, hey, no one will complain.

The problem with that is, well, there’s this thing called … wait for it … wait for it … empathy. See, while the people in Trump’s circle don’t seem to particularly care about deporting 800,000 illegal immigrants brought her as minors, or taking away health coverage for the poor, most of us (I do believe) see the world through an empathetic prism. People suffer, and we want to help them. It’s just just about my bank account, or my 401K.

There’s more to the world.

Alas, the aspiring dictator doesn’t get it.

He never will.

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