What happens next?

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What happens next?

I keep wondering that. What happens next? What happens when, inevitably, Donald Trump decides he needs to rid himself of Robert Mueller and the investigation?

What happens then?

I used to think of it as the uncrossable line. It seemed to be that the Republicans would allow Trump to do this and this and that and that and that and this and this and that. He could embarrass people and hire people and fire people and ridicule people and sexually harass people. Because, well, hey. It’s Donald Trump being Donald Trump.

But fire Robert Mueller? No way. No way in hell.

I no longer think this way.

At some point, probably in the next two or three weeks, Jeff Sessions is gone, then Robert Mueller is gone. That will end the investigation, and give Trump all the power he craves. He will no longer have to worry about his stability; about looming awfulness; about squealing enemies and Russian-related documents. With one firing, he can end all his worries.

So how will we, as a so-called democracy, respond when this lawless lifelong conman finally pounces?

What happens then?

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