The making of a Two Writers Slinging Yang promo

So anyone who listens to the Two Writers Slinging Yang podcast likely knows I have a sponsorship agreement with 503 Sports.

It’s nothing particularly fancy. I love the 503 gear, so in exchange for a shitload of hats and T-shirts and such, I run a weekly promo featuring myself and a relative. I write the scripts, we go over them once or twice, then record. Easy and quick. Thus far it’s been the wife, the son, the daughter. This week, however, I brought in my nephew Jordan—17, a high school senior, about to attend NYU next year.

Jordan, the wife likes to say, is our first born. We’ve been in his life since birth; we care about him in the same way we do our kids. He’s a cool kid who’s going to do big things in life.

Starting with … the new commercial.

Only, well, I struggled a bit.

I think he was confused.