I am CrazyDana.com. Why? Because my congressman is a joke.

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So I haven’t talked about this too much in these parts of the web, but when I’m not Tweeting as Jeff Pearlman or blogging as Jeff Pearlman or existing as Jeff Pearlman, I’m Crazy Dana.

Yes, Crazy Dana.

By “Crazy Dana,” I mean www.crazydana.com, the website I started roughly two years ago to (in some small way) try and help usher in the defeat of Dana Rohrabacher, our crazy representative who has been on the job here in California’s 48th congressional district for nearly three decades.

I’ve got no personal beef with Rohrabacher, other than the fact that he behaves and operates like a xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Russia-loving neanderthal who, on the side, enjoys surfing and smoking pot. He’s both ineffective and out of touch; dated and dangerous. I mean, what sort of person—in 2018—lives by the ocean and dismisses climate change as a hoax? What sort of person—in 2018—says people placing their homes on the market can decline to sell because potential buyers are gay?

Answer: Dana Rohrabacher.

Hence, crazydana.com. For a long time I’ve considered running for office. I even pondered, for half a second, the idea of vying for Dana’s seat. But then I thought a few things:

• 1. Were I running against Jeff Pearlman, I’d buy a newspapers.com account and find every potentially inflammatory thing he’s ever written. And there have been many.

• 2. I’d have to raise a ton of money. And that sounds dreadful.

• 3. I’m too liberal for these parts.

• 4. There has to be someone better and more prepared for such a challenge.

Luckily, there was. Harley Rouda, the Democrat, is giving Rohrabacher the run of his life. The race is gonna be insanely close—because while Dana is (to play on words) insane, this turf still leans red. Otherwise, the younger, cooler, smarter, more accomplished Rouda would be up big. He’s simply a better candidate.

Anyhow, I’ve devoted myself to making people aware of the race, the candidates, the issues. Some posts have been good, some shit.

Ultimately, win or lose I’m glad I did it.

Because it got me involved.

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