An awful few years for faith


One could debate for hours over who/what has lost the most during the Trump presidency. Is it the environment, which has been set aside in favor of coal and toxins? Is it the law, which has been set aside for crooks? Is it the national media, which has been played the fool? Is it the federal worker, now home for a month? Is it makers of quality hats, who have to kick back as .30-cent made-poorly-in-China MAGA hats fit over lumpy skulls.

For me, though, the answer is a relatively easy one: It’s the faithful.

If I’ve had one lesson reinforced these past two years, it’s that while faith may well be bullshit, those preaching, “Have faith!” are bullshit. Times 1,000. Or, put differently, why have faith in a loving, caring, whole God if you sell out to the first carnival barker who fucks around on wives, treats POWs like dogshit, lies and steals and cheats?

And, more to the point, why should I—the potential believer—listen to you? Why should I think there’s this amazing God whose lessons should be followed when you, the teacher, do the exact opposite? How can I take you seriously? How can I believe your sincerity? How can I look you in the face, when all you express fails to be enacted … by you.

Hell, let’s talk about the whole Covington Catholic fiasco from the weekend. Whether you believe the kids were most wrong or the Native American was most wrong or the lost tribe of Israel were most wrong—those kids behaved as assholes. They were rude, obnoxious, arrogant, smug … and they attend a Catholic school!?!?! Fuck, they were there for a march against abortion. A. March. Against. Abortion. So you would think—religious schooling, big trip, important gathering—they would be, well, decent and kind and demure. Or you’d at least think the accompanying priest might say, “Remember, you’re here because …”



But no. Because the pious are, often, bullshit. They talk the game, say love Jesus, then do the exact opposite. It’s Jerry Falwell, Jr. and his oath of obedience. It’s Mike Pence and his homophobic garbage. It’s this school—this Catholic school—expecting honor, delivering blather.

I’m tired of it.

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