The impact of a book in 1986

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So back in 1986, when I was 13-going-on-14, a business book titled “Conquering the Corporate Career” was released into the universe.

The publishing company, Kimberly Press, was created by my dad.

The publicist, a John Barron-esque man named Arthur Haviland, was created by my dad.

The brochures and announcements and such were created by my dad.

And the book was written by my dad.

I’m not sure I can express properly the impact this had on my little mind, but I’ll give it a quick go: I was absolutely blown away. B-l-o-w-n a-w-a-y. That was my father on the back cover. Those were his words. And as we’d sneak into the local Waldenbooks and relocate “Conquering the Corporate Career” from the rear shelves to the Best Sellers section, I felt as if I were on a mission from the Gods of Literary Purpose.

Here, in 2019, I’m still inspired by the effort. Still marveled by the execution.

And that’s why this week’s Two Writers Slinging Yang stars my dad.

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