Every day should be Quinton McCracken Day

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I learned earlier today that the Tampa Bay Rays will be bringing back their vintage uniforms for a bunch of games this season.

This made me think back to my early days covering the Majors for Sports Illustrated.

Which made me think of Quinton McCracken.

If you’ve never heard of Quinton McCracken, well, shame on you. Because Quinton McCracken may well be the most pleasurable name in the history of the human tongue. Seriously, take a second, stop reaching and just say it aloud—Quinton McCracken. Q-u-i-n-t-o-n M-c-C-r-a-c-k-e-n. See? Fantastic, right?

I’ve always had a soft spot for McCracken, first because his name is Quinton McCracken. Second, because his name is Quinton McCracken. Third, because he was the best player on the expansion Rays. Fourth, because he was the rare Major Leaguer to have played baseball at Duke. Fifth, because at the time I name dropped my friend and colleague, Seth Davis, on Quinton and it worked. Sixth, because he was an exceedingly nice guy to deal with, and had zero airs about him.

McCracken is back working for the Rays, which is cool because now a whole new generation of Tampa baseball fans (all six of them) will be required to say Quinton McCracken.

A blessed day it is.