Corinne Terrone, hidden thoughts and the n-word

She's angry and racist.

She’s angry and racist.

Back when I was a kid, growing up on the mean streets of Mahopac, I had a classmate who felt very comfortable using the n-word in reference to African-Americans. He said it, he said it often, he was anything but shy.

Nowadays, on Facebook, I see him with black colleagues, smiling in photos.

It’s possible he’s changed. Maybe, with exposure, he’s learned the error of his past ways. But it’s also possible he’s simply learned to keep his true ideas in check. On the inside, he’s the same guy from yesteryear. On the outside, he loves everyone.

I bring this up because a New Haven woman named Corinne Terrone made the news recently for going of on a racial rant in a supermarket, dropping the n-word multiple times toward blacks in the store. You can read more about it here.

Anyhow, while the story itself didn’t shock me (Newsflash: There are racist assholes!), the reaction of one of Terrone’s longtime neighbors caught my eye. His name wasn’t provided, but he’s African-American and told the newspaper, ““She’s always been the sweetest woman in the world.” He added that he’s never seen Terrone exhibit racist behavior; that his grandkids played with her children.

It just reminded me of Mahopac, and race relations, and how I sorta understand why African-Americans in this country would be skeptical of whites.

That’s all.

5 thoughts on “Corinne Terrone, hidden thoughts and the n-word”

  1. It’s probably hard — if not impossible — to undo decades of the formation of a mind that has become racist. It may have begun as a child (like with this idiot’s children) or it may have begun later. Regardless, I would be content with a state of affairs in which such people have learned to keep their racism inside themselves and act civilly outwards. Who gives a damn whether she truly is cured or not? So long as she doesn’t (1) pass her racism to her children and (2) poison the communal atmosphere with the hatred, I’d feel fine.

    1. It is a sad, but true, commentary that the national discourse has been so coarsened that I actually long nostalgically for the days when racists at least had the decency not to be overt racists in public. Civility used to be a norm. It is now dismissed as “political correctness.”

  2. the era of tRump has emboldened the closeted and “checked” racists. That is fine… Burrito Cheetolini in “power” opens the doors to exposing the real crisis IN America…. his base… who are all too stupid, selfish and bigoted to realize THEY are the minority.

  3. Corinne Terrone should have some regular visits by a social worker, or law enforcement. What is Corinne Terrone like behind closed doors? Is she a danger to her family, or to herself? Corinne Terrone could have been a very demented person just not known till cameras caught Corinne Terrone and her nonsense.

  4. Was this twat drunk or otherwise compromised on drugs ?

    Regardless – her kids should be taken away and she should only get one hour a month in supervised visits after the successfully completes a 90 day spin-dry.

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