J.L. Kirven, Tee Willis and Jared Emch make good

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So earlier this evening I had the honor of sitting alongside Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel and speaking to journalism students at Ohio University. It was a fantastic time, and for nearly two hours we told stories, offered advice, took questions. Wonderful stuff.

After the session ended, I was approached by a bunch of people saying hi and bye, hey and yo, thanks and good luck. I was also approached by three students who handed me business cards. Their names are J.L. Kirven, Tee Willis and Jared Emch.

To this, I say—Bravo!

Journalism in 2019 is hard. Finding a job in journalism in 2019 is brutally hard. With the decline in print, with the confusion via the web, one must scramble and bust ass and play all the angles. It’s still a marvelous career worth pursuing, but it’s significantly more difficult than it was, oh, 20 years ago. There are just as many aspiring reporters, but fewer traditional slots.

And, really, that’s where this praise comes from. Is there much (besides this post) I can do with the cards of J.L., Tee and Jared? Eh, probably not. But they made sure to hand them to me, just as—I’m certain—they’ll make sure to hand them to other journalists they meet along the way. It screams, “I really want this!” Which is a powerful and profound statement, especially when the other 100 students in attendance didn’t hand out business cards.

So I urge the trio to keep it up.

People will take notice.

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