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Read a pretty fascinating story today in People Magazine about former Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer, who came out of the closet some time ago and now lives with his husband, his ex-wife and their two kids.

It’s, to be polite, a quirky saga. Here’s the link.

Anyhow, I was curious what people thought about the story, and found myself diving into this unfortunate thread on Twitter …

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And what I’d like to know from Chris Aubert and his conservative friends is this: Did you not vote for a man who cheated on his wife with a porn star just 10 days after she delivered his child—then paid her off? Did he not then pay off a Playboy model he also slept with? And did he not then brag of grabbing women by the pussy?

I, too, find the Rohrer story sorta odd—not because he’s gay, but because he’s 23 years older than his husband and the two of them are living with his ex-wife. But if we’re going to judge and mock and ridicule and presume, let’s at least be consistent about our so-called moral stance, no?

As I’ve noted 1,000 times before, I’m tired of the pro-military among us standing behind a man who just two months ago lied to the troops about a 10% raise that doesn’t exist; who mocked a POW, who had five draft deferments. I’m tired of the Christians among us standing behind a habitual cheater who mocks the needy, ignores the helpless, belittles everyone in site.

Wanna dump on someone? Fine.

But cut the hypocrisy.