The greatest use for a sports hypnotist

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So there’s a woman on Twitter, Ms. Amethyst, who’s cool and funky and a future Quaz. She threw up a very interesting question today about sports and concentration …

I’m going with the free throw. Just standing there, crowd screaming, chanting, yelling, barking. But … it’s a close one. The putt seems awfully tough, even sans noise.


1 thought on “The greatest use for a sports hypnotist”

  1. 1. Putting. The yips I think would be the worst when there is nothing but silence and everyone watching.
    2. Free throw. Same distance, same ball as the other 10,000+ ones shot in practice and games, but it’s amazing that there are professionals that average less than 75%.
    3. Field goal. From that distance, trying to get it between the goalposts would be extremely difficult, but everyone knows it’s not automatic.
    4. Strike. This depends on the pitcher, but when there are misses, it’s not usually the yips, it’s more physical issues.

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