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You didn’t play professional basketball in Mexico

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So a new guy showed up to my regular Saturday morning basketball run at the nearby courts. I’d never seen him before. Probably mid 30s. African-American. Maybe 5-foot-11. Arrived with music playing from speakers.

He told us he’d played professionally in Mexico.

Ah, cool.

Then he shot 1 for 11.

I know many things. Donald Trump is not the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln. The Prius is not built to last. The Orioles aren’t winning the World Series. Bronson Pinchot was robbed an Academy Award for Beverly Hills Cop.

And there’s no way someone who was once a professional—even in Mexico—shoots 1-for-11 from the field in a game against people like me. Even if it’s an off morning, and he was out partying until 4 am, he shoots—at worst—7 for 11. Maybe 6 for 11. But 1 for 11? Impossible. Not if your background is in high-level hoops.

So, sorry hombre.

I’m not buying it.