Dear Angels …

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So last night the son and I took in Rangers-Angels out here in Southern California.

As always, I bought the tickets on StubHub (for $9), found free parking, had a great time. It’s never about the baseball for me and Emmett. It’s about kicking back, chatting, cruising, eating, connecting. Really, that’s the beauty of the MLB experience, and I wish more people would stop thinking of it as dull and dreary and start thinking of it as quiet time to hang with someone you aspire to hang with.

That being said, the Angels have problems. Tons of problems. Yes, the team is mediocre. And Angel Stadium at Anaheim is super mediocre. But it’s more than that—and I wanna offer some quick suggestions …

• 1. You have to have better food: It’s actually befuddling, how terrible the grub options are here. And inexcusable. Yes, you’re tethered to a bad stadium. No doubt. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your cuisine. Fifty miles south, the Padres offer 100 different genres of eats. The Angels, on the other hand, offer … meh. Dogs, beer, shit pizza, pretzels. There are a small handful of stands that go slightly off the grid. But it’s largely just baseball food: 1978.

• 2. Get fans more involved. Most other stadiums now encourage fans to post on Twitter and Instagram with a chosen hashtag, then run the images on the Jumbotron. Why don’t you do this? It’s engaging, it’s exciting, it costs you $0.00.

• 3. Show ALL great plays on the Jumbotron. Last night the Rangers made a couple of slick grabs, so we looked up to see it—nothing. Why? Because they’re not Angels? So dumb. A tremendous play is a tremendous play. Period.

• 4. Son and I teamed up on this one: Hold a contest for kids under age, oh, 16: Design our uniform for a series. Have kids draw up the Angels unis. Need to keep the colors, the name—but everything else is fair game. Pick a winner, have your guys wear the duds as “alternative unis” for a late-season three-game session.

• 5. Update your unis. They’re painfully dull.

That’s all.

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