This guy

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Watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals with my son. Kevin Durant just went down, and as we watched the replay I spotted a fan—some guy in the front row along the baseline, decked out in a Toronto No. 33 jersey—waving goodbye to the Golden State star.

I turned to Emmett and said, “Can you believe this idiot?”

I can’t.

I get being a diehard. I get wanting my team to win. I get spending money on a ticket and craving an interactive experience. But what I don’t understand—what I truly, truly, truly, truly, truly don’t understand—is being an asshole. Is taking delight in another’s malady. Even if that person is on an opposing team, and makes a ton of money.

I truly don’t understand.

Tomorrow, I hope ol’ No. 33 fucks up at work. I hope he sends off the wrong e-mail, or pays the wrong customer.

And I hope someone waves at him.