I am legend

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Sitting in Starbucks. Table by the door. Little mouse runs in. He’s the size of a mint. Probably a baby. He darts for my backpack, so I lift it up, scoot back. Then he dashes down the window line, and the woman to my left literally stands on her chair in terror.





I have an empty cup. The barista traps the little guy against the window with her foot. No pain inflicted, just so he can’t scatter away. I scoop the mouse up, place the cover atop and walk him outside, where I plan on releasing him beneath some hedges. Only the dude doesn’t wanna leave—he’s happily slurping up the remaining mocha from a long-departed beverage.

When I return to the store, I sit down to a hero’s welcome.

They comp my next order.

Ol' chocolate tail ...

Ol’ chocolate tail …

2 thoughts on “I am legend”

  1. Meanwhile, baby mouse becomes addicted to caffeine, starts raiding Starbucks more and more often until they threaten to charge him for all the drinks he was getting for free…

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