“She’s not my type.”

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In case you missed this, earlier today Donald Trump suggested that E. Jean Carroll, the veteran writer who accused the president of raping her in the 1980s, has to be lying because, “She’s not my type.”

Carroll joins more than a dozen other women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct—all after he was recorded bragging to Billy Bush how he likes to, well, engage in sexual misconduct. It also all comes after he invited several of Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims to one of the 2016 debates.

And … well … yeah. I don’t even know what to say, because the GOP cult members will somehow explain this away. Trump can’t be lying. Or libs are just mad. Or What about the Clintons?

There’s always a reason to back up the conman. Always. No matter how awful he behaves. No matter that you’d never trust him to be alone with your wife and/or daughter. No matter that his entire history is a scam. No matter that he is a man lacking empathy and compassion.

God, it sucks.