The Giants are retiring Will Clark’s number. Wow.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 9.44.03 PM

In case you missed this—and you likely missed this—next year the San Francisco Giants will be retiring the No. 22 uniform of former first baseman Will Clark.

Oh, boy.

If you know anything about my career covering the Majors, you probably know Clark is my all-time least-favorite player to deal with. Worse than John Rocker. Worse than Barry Bonds. Worse than Albert Belle. Truly, I abhor Clark, and while much of that has to do with the time he humiliated me inside the Baltimore Orioles’ clubhouse, it’s really just an overarching feeling that he’s a racist piece of dog shit. And I’m pretty sure former teammates agree.

Anyhow, the honoring of Clark makes the Giants the unofficial official kings of assholes being honored. The team has already locked down Willie Mays’ No. 24 (nobody who knows Mays likes Mays) and Barry Bonds’ No. 25 (even fewer people like Bonds than Mays), and Clark locks down the holy trinity of dicks.

Which leads to the inevitable question: What about Jeff Kent?

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