David Woodley v Don Strock

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Just read up on the Miami Dolphins’ quarterback battle, which pits veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. youngster Josh Rosen in an epic battle of football-tossing rejects who would start for precisely, oh, zero other NFL teams.

It got me thinking about WoodStrock.

Back in the early 1980s, after quite debatable Hall of Famer Bob Griese departed the scene, the Dolphins relied on a quarterbacking duet that was—um, what’s the word?—horrific. Woodley had been a run-first, throw-later guy at Louisiana State who split time at the position. Strock had been Griese’s longtime caddy and a man no other franchises ever considered trading for. They were mediocre at best and crap at worst.

Then, in 1982-83, the Miami Dolphins reached the Super Bowl.

I’m not sure of the point here, save that quarterbacking is only one component of a team’s success, and those Dolphins (unlike there Dolphins) happened to have a fantastic defense and a legendary head coach who knew precisely what he was doing. Truth be told, were the year 1982 both Rosen and Fitz would be starting over David Woodley.

So, go Dolphins!