Self. Loathing.

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If you missed this, earlier tonight at a Manchester, N.H. rally Donald Trump mocked a protester as he was removed, saying into a microphone, “That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising!”


A few issues with this:

• A. Donald Trump is obese. Not a bit chunky. Not heavy. Obese. As in, probably 40-to-50 pounds overweight. He was a tremendously normal-looking man who has become a tremendously large man. Which, of course, happens. I’m 47, and it’s increasingly hard to keep off the pounds. However …

• B. It takes a certain level of either audacity of self-denial to mock a heavy person when you’re heavy. It takes an even greater level of audacity or self-denial to do so when …

• C. So many of your backers are overweight, too. And while I have yet to attend a #MAGA rally (but sure look forward to doing do), all one has to do is watch for five minutes to see the XXXL folks in their XXXXL red-and-white Trump T-shirts. And what’s funny is …

• D. They’ll hear what Trump said tonight and laugh. Because the guy could teach a master class titled, YOU’RE IN ON THE JOKE, BUDDY. The course description would read: “Learn how to fool people into thinking they’re in on the joke with the bully, when—truth be told—he’s spent his life ripping them off and mocking them behind closed doors.”

E. There were three kids right behind Trump, wearing Trump garb and holding Trump signs and laughing as the protester was removed. Whoever the parent is, make sure and explain to your tykes that bullying is awesome. Make sure.

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• F. I keep thinking that, at some point, his followers will get it. That he’s not a brilliant businessman. That he’s not one of them. That he doesn’t care about their needs. That he’s a dime-a-dozen grifter.