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Batshit crazy

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Watch this.

Just watch.

Tell me the president of the United States is well.

Tell me he’s well.

And while we’re on the subject—he’s mad at Adam Schiff. Furious. Because he “made things up.” And “making things up” is treasonous. Like making up a scenario where you were at Ground Zero helping search for survivors. Like making up a scenario where the head of the Boy Scouts called you to praise your speech to a jamboree. Like making up a scenario where you have people on the ground with “proof” the 44th president is a Kenyan-born Muslim. Like making up a military pay raise to troops standing before you. Like making up inaugural attendance figures. Like making up voter fraud in states you failed to win.

Watch this.

And tell me this man is well.

Also, to be clear, this dates back. As you know by now, I wrote a book about the United States Football League—the 1983-85 NFL rival that Trump killed. During that span he lied to the other USFL owners about meetings with TV executives, about league finances, about a meeting with the NFL commissioner. He lied under oath during the USFL v. NFL trial.

He lies.

And lies.

And lies.

And he’s crazy as fuck.