Francis Brennan: Pride of Catholic University

Francis: No code.

Francis Brennan graduated from Catholic University in 2011.

This is significant to note, because attending Catholic University means agreeing to a pretty strict and clear-cut moral code. It includes the following:

I bring this up because, these days, ol’ Francis is employed as the director of strategic response for the Trump 2020 campaign. Which translates to—if you check out Francis’ Twitter feed—mocking and ridiculing a longtime senator and former vice president who, if nothing else, has shown himself to be a largely decent and honorable human being.

That’s largely Francis’ responsibility: To mock and ridicule Joe Biden and Co.

Which, I suppose is sorta OK. Does it align with the Catholic University standards? Certainly not. Is it decent? No. But politics are rough, and maybe Francis just desperately needs a job (Note: He must REALLY need a job. Because he used to work for the honorable Mitt Romney, who abhors Trump).

I digress.

In case you missed it, early today Francis took his job to new depths, posting this about Biden …

Now, in Francis Brennan’s defense … um … eh … nope. Nope, nope, nope. There is no in Francis Brennan’s defense. Joe Biden was at a cemetery visiting his son’s grave. I wanna repeat that, to be clear: Joe Biden was at a cemetery visiting his son’s grave. He wasn’t jogging. He wasn’t campaigning. He was trying to remember his son—who died.

But, hey, what’s a little decency when you’re Francis Brennan, Catholic University grad and director of strategic response for the Trump 2020 campaign? What’s kindness? What’s empathy? I mean, yeah, at the same time Biden was inside a cemetery Donald Trump was (once again) playing golf. And, yeah, we’re coming off of the revelations about Donald Trump shit talking troops. And yeah, Donald Trump fucked a porn star 10 days after the birth of his son, then paid her off in hush money. And yeah, Donald Trump has repeatedly lied about 9.11. And the Central Park Five. And Barack Obama’s birth certificate. And yeah, we’re now more than 180,000 COVID deaths into Trump’s non-efforts to come up with a non-strategy.

But, thankfully, little dill-weed piss-ants like Francis Brennan are here to remind us of the important things.

Namely, that humanity matters not to the modern GOP machine.

Decency, neither.

Catholic University must be so proud.

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  1. You’re written words have spoken what my boggled mind could not put together.
    How did we get HERE?
    I sympathize a person who has so much hatred in their heart, they do not feel empathy.

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