The Easter Eggs of “Three-Ring Circus”

So every book I’ve written has contained a fair number of Easter eggs. Only they usually remain in the dark, because I forget to explain what they are and why they exist.

Not this time.

My new book, “Three-Ring Circus,” is overflowing with eggs. And, if you’re curious, here are a few …

Page 47:

Stanley Herz is actually my dad’s business name—which is a long, confusing story, because my mom’s maiden name is “Herz” and my dad’s actual name is “Stanley Pearlman.” But he did run his own executive search firm for years, and this was a really fun drop.

Page 41:

My wife Catherine was born on December 4, 1971. The number 12,471 has appeared in every book I’ve written.

Page 111:

Spencer Dunkley played center for the University of Delaware when I was a student at the school. If 100,000 people read this book, 12 would have heard of him. Maybe 11.