Inflatable baby Jesus

So the son and I have been taking a lot of night walks of late, and a few hours ago we passed the above display in a neighbor’s yard.

Yes, it’s inflatable baby Jesus Christ.

Now, to be clear, I’ve got no problem with inflatable baby Jesus Christ, inflatable Moses, inflatable Chevy Chase, inflatable Kanye West, inflatable Oliver Miller. If someone wants to create an inflatable Jeff Pearlman, I’d be enthusiastic and supportive.

That said, humans are weird.

In America, a good percentage of the population considers it treasonous to burn the flag. Which is fine. But you can sport an American flag hat, American flag scarf, American flag mask (aka snot drip rag). And in these United States, where Christianity reigns and all other religions are a distant second, Jesus is the be all, get all. He’s the king. The champ. The savior. Numero uno. The Jesus of Jesuses.

And, to prove his holiness is real, we’re going to … spend $175 on a Made-in-China Jesus who can be brought to life by blowing air through a tube affixed to his baby Jesus anus.


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