Hey, GOP—you own this

Outside the Capitol

In case you haven’t been paying attention, violence has overtaken Washington this afternoon.

Fuck, immediately after I typed that sentence my wife DMed me this …

Anyhow, after Donald Trump gave his whiney, bitchy, the-type-of-cowardly-bullshit-a-guy-with-five-draft-deferments-might-utter moan speech about the election being stolen, he urged his supporters to fight.

So they’re fighting.

They’ve stormed barricades.

They’ve beaten down police officers.

This was just Tweeted out by Matt Laslo, a editor with The News Station …

And this …

And right now, in my silent rage, I want to hear from my Donald Trump-supporting friends. I want to hear how he loves America. I want to hear about his patriotism. I want to hear how awful “Antifa” is. I want to hear how the left is violent. I want to hear how in the fucking fuck you can still support a man only out to rule and gain power and gain fame and gain wealth. A man who has never shown two shits of interest in you or him or her. A man who has devoted much of his life to bilking the poor and middle class with casinos and phony universities and cons galore.

I want to know what it’s like—what it’s truly like—to be a member of a cult.

And, lastly, I want to say this: I will remember you.

I will remember that you supported this monster.

I will fucking remember.

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