Twitter, be righteous

It is time for Twitter to delete Donald Trump’s account.

I don’t take pleasure in writing such a thing. The president is, obviously, an important figure, and citizens want to hear what he’s thinking and planning and doing.

But this has gone on long enough.

These days, all Trump does on Twitter is lie and inflame, lie and inflame, lie and inflame. And Twitter has become his No. 1 outlet for doing so. It’s not merely his social media platform of choice. It’s his oxygen. Trump lives to Tweet. Hell, I’d argue Trump is addicted to Tweeting. He loves the affirmation and the immediacy. Which I understand.

But, again, he lies nonstop, belittles nonstop, puts out bullshit nonstop.

Today, in the wake of a national tragedy caused, in large part, but Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, it’s time for Twitter to do the right thing.

End @realdonaldtrump.

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