Get a life

So it seems fights are breaking out in downtown Los Angeles—#MAGA idiots v. anti-#MAGA idiots.

And on behalf of all those not present, I’d like to say the following: Get a life.

Truly, get a life. This is how you resolve differences? By curling up your hand and turning it into a hardened object, then launching it toward another’s head? THAT’S your coping method? Your go-to?

My last fight took place in high school. A kid punched me in the face. It hurt. I cried a bit. And, at that moment, I also realized, “Fighting—it’s inane.”

But there they are. In Los Angeles. In Washington. They could have done a breakdance battle. A thumb fight battle. A counting race to 30. Whatever.

Instead, fists into heads.

Grow up.

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