In case you missed this, the HOLLYWOOD sign was briefly transformed into the HOLLYBOOB sign.

I love it.

I am, however, also reminded of the fraud I perpetrated as an elementary school student—when I lied about knowing what the word “boob” meant.

This, I recall vividly. A bunch of kids joking on the playground, staring at a girl (one apparently going through early puberty) and remarking on her physicality. “Whoa, check out her boobs!” someone said.

“Wow!” another added. “Those boobs are big!”

“Yeah,” I’m sure I added—staring at her feet. “Boobs!”

For young Jeffie, it wasn’t mere boobs. I didn’t know what a cock was—but pretended to. Didn’t know what “vag” was referring to—also pretended to. If a girl was rumored to “put out” or “give it up,” my immediate thought was a baseball player with either big power or a propensity to surrender runs late in a game.

So, I did what people my age did, and faked it.

One day, I finally understood what boobs referred to.

Thanks, Google.