F*ck Thrifty

So a week ago I wrote about arriving in Atlanta, proceeding to the Thrifty counter and the attendant telling me, “Sorry—we have no cars.”

When I told him, no, I have a rental—he pretty much repeated what he’d just uttered. “No cars.”

It was midnight-ish.

I was stranded.

I needed to be in Alabama the next morning.

I wound up catching an Uber that cost me about $200. Then I rented a car at Alamo—and needed to take another $30 Uber to the Birmingham airport to retrieve it. Today, I dropped the rental off back at the Atlanta airport.

Here’s the receipt …

I’m not mad at Alamo. They didn’t have many cars in stock, and returning to a different airport is always costly. I get it.

My original Thrifty rental, however, was going to cost about $350.

All told, I’ve paid 1,048.58—100 percent because Thrifty rented me a car it didn’t have, then did nothing to make certain a customer somehow, someway had a vehicle. And—I wasn’t alone. There were a bunch of us that night, stranded with reservations and not told, “We can hook you up with a hotel room for the night” or “We have cars coming in from Macon.”

Just left.

Because Thrifty doesn’t give two shits about its customers.

It simply doesn’t.