On Tatiana Ibrahim.

Dear Tatiana:

First off, your name isn’t “Tatiana.” It’s Tanya.

I just wanted to make you aware of that, in case you forgot. You’re Tanya. You’ve been going by Tatiana for, what, a month now? Six weeks? Half a year? It sounds real classy. Stick with it.

Second, you’re full of garbage. I don’t mean to be harsh, so maybe garbage is the wrong word. But, no—I’ll stick with it. Because you’re so insanely full of it. So before we get to the pure sinister nature of your ways and methodologies, let’s break down the garbage. Your name isn’t Tatiana. You’re not from Putnam County, N.Y. Your LinkedIn page is nonsense—you’re not a “government relations professional.” Unless you go by a totally different name, you don’t work as a performance analyst for Wells Fargo (I checked). Unless you go by a totally different name, you don’t work as an analyst for the Department of Defense (I also checked). You’re now using your third name—Tanya Esposito, Tanya Brahimi and Tatiana Brahimi. I checked all three—neither Wells Fargo nor the DOD appear to have record of your present employment. Oh, you also list Mercy College as your place of education. I have a call in as well—is there a degree? Or did you merely walk the campus and piss on a kid wearing an Obama shirt?

Actually, one more thing about your LinkedIn page. It’s weird—usually when people give endorsements for your skills, they’re from co-workers. Like, a journalist would have editors endorsing him. A designer would have designers endorsing him. You have five people endorse you …

None have a thing to do with Wells Fargo or the DOD.


You have a new website—mazel tov (that means congratulations in the language of my people). On the website, you solicit donations. You don’t actually say who manages the money, or how it’s spent, or where it goes, or whether the donations are tax deductible. Just a thought—that shit matters.

Wait, back to your identity, Tatiana Tanya.

According to documents, you have an ongoing lawsuit. That must be fun. Here’s the link. A debt collector is coming after you. Fuck. That sucks.

Also found these. This is you, right? [I extended the courtesy of blocking out your addresses—something I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t have done were the tables turned]. Maybe it’s not you. Because to quote you from this video: “If you follow the law, and do as you’re supposed to, you won’t have a problem.” So … um …

Oh, and your husband was arrested. Also sucks. Big bummer. Curious: Did the officer keep a knee on Vilson’s neck for 7 minutes and 46 seconds? I’m asking for a friend, Tatiana Tanya.

I usually don’t do this, Tatiana Tanya. I usually leave stuff alone. But your new thing seems to be destroying people. Or at least trying to destroy people. Good people who—at absolute worst—you disagree with on certain issues. Teachers. School administrators. Hardly folks making the big bucks. And while I haven’t lived in Putnam County since graduating from Mahopac High in 1990, it remains a part of me. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The positives and the negatives. And you, Tatiana Tanya—you remind me of the worst of the worst of the worst. You remind me of the time my best friend, one of two African-American kids in my grade, had a pair of crosses burned in his front yard. You remind me of the petition passed around a nearby street to keep a black family out. You remind me of all the people who dropped “f-g” and “homo”; all the people who described someone’s thriftiness as “Jewin’ you down.” You remind me of the junior high school teacher who taught us that (ha ha) blacks can’t ski; and that there are jokes to be made about Jews burning in the oven …

Wait. Another digression. This is from your Instagram feed, right Tatiana Tanya?

No need to answer, Tatiana Tanya. It is.

[Side note: My great grandmother was exterminated in Auschwitz. F— you.]

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched in horror as you stood before the Carmel school board and lathered in your own jarring stupidity and ignorance (It all went downhill when you shouted about paying their salaries—only to learn it’s a volunteer board). It was, truly, a performance straight out of the MAGA Guide To Flailing About—one accusation after another; one rant after another (I particularly love, “You created a curriculum of Black Panther indoctrination!”). No facts. No studies. Just—Tatiana Tanya. Being Tatiana Tanya. And the video went viral, because—of course—it’s 2021, and in this age of vaccines-are-evil and fake news and punch-the-libs-in-the-face, the last thing people want is thoughtfulness and nuance.

And I thought, “Well, that blows. But … hey. Shit happens.”

Then I saw your new video. The one where you drag in your poor friend—a Yorktown, N.Y. resident named Holly Beloff-Davis who looks like she’d rather milk a rabid emu than stand by your side. And in her day-to-day existence, ol’ Holly is a recruiter at Medical Staffing Network. She’s a mom, a wife. Also a parent in the Yorktown School District. At some point, I’m guessing, Holly told you about a guidance counselor who seems to support Black Lives Matter. And in the normal world … the sane world, what a concerned parent like Holly does is (wait for it) make an appointment, either with the principal or the guidance counselor in question. They sit down, they talk. Holly expresses herself in sane tones—“I’m just worried about some of the things I’m hearing.” And then she gets a reply from the principal and/or the guidance counselor. And they agree or disagree, but as reasonable adults. That’s how these things are meant to go.

But no.




Tatiana Tanya isn’t here for reason. She’s got her camera, she’s got her new legion of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers, she’s got her eyebrows all on fleek and she’s got a head full of steam. So Holly telling her story isn’t enough—she needs to name the guidance counselor. Just put it out there for an increasingly triggered and antagonized following (of white people who feel like they’re losing their country) to go after.

So Holly (who you dragged into this mess, Tatiana Tanya) does. His name is Daks Armstrong. He’s this guy.

And to read about Daks Armstrong is to want your kids to be like Daks Armstrong. Undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology, graduate degrees in counseling and psychology. Years working in non-profit and as a community organizer. A speaker at the March for Civil Justice. Co-chair of the Yorktown Central School District Cultural Awareness and Equity Task Force. All things that any homo sapien with a fully functioning head would admire.

And, I was thinking: Daks Armstrong seems like the type of dude who would talk with you, Tatiana Tanya. Like, I bet if you had called and said, “Can we grab some coffee and chat?”—he would have grabbed some coffee to chat. But, no. You don’t do that sort of thing. Anyone who disagrees is, to quote Tatiana Tanya, “evil people.” You put folks on blast. You like the buzz of it all, right, Tatiana Tanya? It’s called “red light fever”—an old TV term to describe when one gets a taste of the spotlight and treats it like that first line of coke. Newsmax showed your talk! Rudy Giuliani discussed it with you! Until recently, you were just some middle-aged lady named Tanya with sweet eyebrows. But, now—damn. You’re Tatiana, slayer of the Critical Race Theory Nazis.

Sniff, sniff.

It’s friggin’ awesome!

But here’s what strikes me. Well, one of a few things that strikes me: You don’t actually seem to know what Critical Race Theory is. Like, you keep saying it’s the teaching of hating white people. Which, eh, it’s not. But … every … single … time … you … bring … CRT … up, you mangle it. Badly. I keep waiting for someone to say, formally and with you behind a podium, “Mrs. Ibrahim, what is Critical Race Theory?” Then watch you flail around like a drunk oxen barking about “white hate” and discrimination and the TV show Alf (which, for the record, was great).

By the way, here’s a pretty solid CRT breakdown. Not quite the Dracula you make it out to be, Tatiana Tanya …

Oh, the other thing. You’re #MAGA. Like, not half #MAGA. All-in #MAGA. I’ve seen your pictures, and they’re … eh, something. Here’s a quick Instagram peek …

So, since this is you and standing up for righteousness is your life’s mission, I’ll throw a few questions out there. Take your time answering …

  1. The January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol—the one where dozens of Capitol police were injured and a vast majority of those storming the were wearing #MAGA and Trump gear. You cool with that? Because I know you’re super pro-law enforcement. But you’ve said nothing, Tatiana Tanya.
  2. Donald Trump has now lied, repeatedly, about helping at Ground Zero after the Trade Center fell. He lied about sending “100 of my men” to Ground Zero. He lied about donating $100,000 to the 9.11 Fund. You cool with that? Because I know you’re super pro-law enforcement. But you’ve said nothing, Tatiana Tanya.
  3. Donald Trump bragged about “grabbing women by the p-ssies.” Locker room talk. Ha ha, hee-hee. You have a daughter. You cool with that? Men grabbing women by the pussies?
  4. Your husband is Muslim. He came here from Yugoslavia. Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering America. Then stoked Muslim hatred over. And over. And over. You cool with that? Or just weirdly self-loathing?
  5. This is the third time Donald Trump has said an election was/would be stolen from him. First—Ted Cruz, 2016 Iowa caucus. Second, Hillary in the leadup to the 2016 general. Third, Biden. So, like, are they all true? And is it weird that, beginning with George Washington’s presidency in 1789, Trump is the only executive in chief to accuse people of stealing elections from him? THREE different times?
  6. You seem pretty mean when it comes to LGBTQ issues. Is that a thing with you?
  7. Donald Trump mocked POWs for being captured—”I like people that weren’t captured” Here’s the video. You’re big into law enforcement. Right? You love the military? You cool with all that, sis?
  8. We’ve now had more than 600,000 Americans die of COVID, and people, well, like you keep saying the vaccinations are socialism liberal neo-Nazi … stuff. Where are you on this, Tatiana Tanya? Because clearly the kids are your first priority.

I can go on and on. For hours about this ignorant fraud. But I won’t. Because, come day’s end, there’s something profoundly sad about Tanya Ibrahim. Several years ago she lost a son in a tragic car accident—and, as a parent, that pain … it’s just unimaginable. And maybe, just maybe, that’s where this all stems from. This anger. This irrationality. This need to not merely disagree, but browbeat and hammer and humiliate folks like unpaid school board members and a guidance counselor who probably makes, I dunno, $60,000 annually. It’s as pathetic as it is infuriating, and I suspect one day this woman’s daughter, now a 15-year-old Carmel High student who must feel as if she’s offspring to the world’s all-time most-obnoxious sports parent, won’t look back in pride, but with tremendous shame.

And she’ll say to her African-American trans wife, “Black Lives Matter.”

PS: Imagine being so broken that a sign reading, “No humans are illegal” offends you …

PPS: I think my favorite Tatiana Tanya line, also from this video, refers to school teachers, who—she says—have the audacity of telling students, “If you’re not tolerant, you’re bad.”

62 thoughts on “On Tatiana Ibrahim.”

  1. Oh my goodness! I was looking for someone to stand up to this bully but for obvious reasons I can not say anything as my wife is one of the administrators that she has targeted. Thank you so much for this.

    1. Just letting you know there are so many of us who support your wife and the entire Carmel school district administrators.

      1. Thank-you so much Richard. That truly means a lot to me and my family, especially to my wife. I am sure that many teachers appreciate your support as well. Tanya’s lies about CRT being taught in Carmel schools is such an outright lie.

    2. There are many many of us CCSD parents that feel horrible for your wife & all the local teachers & admins this horrid woman has targeted.’WE ARE CARMEL – SHE is NOT!

  2. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 – I just drove past her house today and tried my hardest to channel Drew Barrymore circa 1984 as I eyed her massive terrorist three percenters flag, but to no avail.

    1. This honestly is a horrible Piction of somebody you don’t even know. One her son was murdered. Yes I said murdered. To her daughter stands very much by her mother as her husband does that was not even in this country at that age. Whether she stands by Trump or not has nothing to do with her fighting for children and the Way they’re being taught .
      What do you care what nickname she uses don’t most people do that a name that short for something. The flags outside her House or not evil flags there one of her husband’s native country but once again people just assume but they don’t know. I really don’t get it why so many people are so scared that she speaking the truth. You started off your article with I usually don’t do this I have a feeling you do it all the time. She’s exposing the truthAnd apparently followers don’t like the truth

      1. Seems like you meant to reply to Jeff, not me, as I didn’t write the article, but your attempts to solicit pity for the literal schoolyard bully are weak. She has a 9 foot terrorist flag proudly hanging on her house (yes, one is an Albanian flag (I think), but the other has a a 3% symbol on it), invites trolls to harass and cyberbully CHILDREN, sends her lunatic mob after a respected and beloved guidance counselor, and is quite transparently capitalizing on her 15 minutes to make a quick buck and feed her massive ego. Her son’s murder sounds like an all-around tragedy, but it doesn’t give her license to be a shitty person. I’ll save my pity for the thousands of people out there channeling their grief for good.

      2. Clearly you and your CHILDREN were never threatened by her pathetic mob. Clearly it was not one of YOUR children she took pictures, put them all over Instagram and allowed those same pathetic to MOCK CHILDREN. That is sick. SICK, SICK, SICK.

  3. Thank you for this…she is a dangerous follower of a dangerous cult, spewing on the dumb and dumber of our county.

  4. Wonderful commentary that could be applied to so many people, Thank you! One thing I wish I could share since I live in Warwick many “Tanyas” have come out of the woodwork and posting false narratives in our local paper , with zero facts I might add. I’m trying to come up with a response but this would be perfect! Thanks again and continue to call these people? Out!

  5. Beautifully written and perfectly stated. Her kind of ignorance has no place in Putnam County, Yorktown, or anywhere else for that matter. Thank you for telling the truth about her brand of bigotry.

  6. The hypocrisy is unreal with Tanya and her fangirls! Liberals/Democrats are dividing this country according to her, yet she clearly exclaims that you’re either with them or against them! Listen to her speak for 5 minutes and you’ll hear double standards galore!

  7. That was amazing. I keep reposting it. She is trying to destroy this town. She has had lawyers send letters to people who spoke out against her for defamation of character warning them she will sue if they continue and dont apologize. Guess she needs money to settle her legal problems. Thanks for exposing her. Our Carmel teachers and staff are the best!!!!!!

    1. I am not a teacher. I will NOT dictate to schools what they will and will not teach my children. That’s like YOU trying to tell ME how to do my job and you being clueless about the details of my job. You should not dictate to the school either. Home school of you do not like the curriculum- that simple

  8. Excellent piece, helps to give hope that highlighting her ignorance and lies will help reveal this person as the fraud she is.

  9. I enjoy reading your blog and tweets and this one is held high on a pedestal! I’m sharing it as an antidote to her poison-hopefully someone is saved.

  10. Thank you, Jeff, for uncovering all the lies and dishonesty and hatred that has been spewing from the mouth of an angry, disgraceful creature that does not even deserve to be called by name. I feel sorry for her that she is so hate-filled and even sorrier for those who believe her rhetoric, but it’s time to stand up and speak up against her stupid and hateful lies…to expose her and those who are like her for who they are. Thank you for doing that, Jeff!

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  12. I think your just having a temper tantrum tbh LOL. I see you everywhere, don’t you have a job? A hobbie? HAHAHAH

  13. I watched the “pretty solid CRT breakdown” video and if you get to 1:03 of it, THAT is the exact point of breakdown in its ‘legal’ foundation. Key word there is “economic”. Basically ALL the issues that are portrayed as ‘systemically racist’ are based on the unfounded assumption that blacks can’t earn as much as whites due to factors based solely on SKIN COLOR.

    One proof that this “legal theory..” “.. developed by ‘legal scholars’” is just a set of bogus conclusions is the current statistical facts regarding first generation Nigerians in the U.S. and their economic achievements. How is it they have higher economic levels than whites? Maybe it’s their Nigerian skin color.

  14. FYI – Tanya Brahimi’s son was not murdered. He died while he and his gang were attacking an unknown 17 yr old and her boyfriend in a car with baseball bats.

  15. I am so glad this was done. Myself and my CHILDREN were harassed badly by her minions. They went on my fb and saw I had children. That I do not stand for and I do not tolerate the threats, bullying or harassment of children. These people came from all over. The scariest moment was when a gang member from Philly was gunning for me using multiple fb profiles. They made it clear that anyone who did not “follow this hero was an enemy” and enemies need to be taken out. All because I called her out on things and challenged her. I got no answers just deleted my posts and blocked me from challenging her.

    Anyone who allows this kind of hate and behavior is not a hero, not a protector of children, not about doing whats best for anyone. This uproar was created for no reason other then to promote hatred and anger. To split and divide community after community. This is not passion for fighting for anyones children about anything meaningful. Its a personal agenda that people got sucked into willingly- for their own 15 mins of fame.

    She walks a lie every single day and thinks thats okay. She is not an upstanding citizen nor is she anyone I would allow around my family. She is diluted, angry and bitter. I do not care what her past was like – it no excuse for anything she has created. She needs to stop spreading hate and seek psychological help.

  16. Beyond incredible, thank you sooo much !!! She’s a pathetic, evil, ignorant, vile excuse for a human being !!! What she did to a graduating Mahopac Senior this year on top of everything else she has done, will surely guarantee her major pay-back KARMA coming her way once her “moment in the MAGA spotlight” fades. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!

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  18. If everybody reports her Facebook pages we will shut her down. Click on the 3 dots under like on her page, click report page then click hate speech and anything else you think she is doing Do the same with her profiles Tatiana Ibrahim and Tatiana M Brahimi. She has more than one account and is using fake Names, both is against Facebooks terms of service.

    1. FUCK YOU ASSOLE. You CANNOT CENSOR the TRUTH! IT is NOT “HATE SPEECH”, you LIB-FUCK-TARD PIECE OF DOGSHIT. YOU motherfuckers LABEL ANYTHING that doesn’t fit in with your SICK, DERANGED narrative as “hate speech” and the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW THIS, and when WE WIN BACK the House and Senate in 2022, and when TRUMP gets elected in 2024 you sick motherfuckers will finally be put out of commission PERMANENTLY. Now FUCK OFF.

  19. You are a PUSSY and a LIAR and a LIB-FUCK-TARD piece of DOG-SHIT pearlman. Tatiana Ibrahim is CORRCT on ALL counts. She speaks the truth and you LIE. You also removed ALL conservative comments and had your LIB-FUCK-TARD “friends” post here to make it look like ANYONE agrees with your sick shit, you LYING MOTHERFUCKER

      1. Yes, apparently YOU are offended, you sick LIB-FUCK-TARD America-Hating piece of DOG-SHIT. Drop DEAD, MOTHER-FUCKER! You and ALL those who think like you, you EVIL AMEICA-HATING COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHIT.

  20. First of all, as educated and eloquent as you try to sound, do you not know something as basic as a nickname? Huh, Jeffrey, I mean, Jeff?? So your ridiculousness just starts there. Tanya is, and always has been, her nickname for Tatiana. Secondly, to bring up any past mistakes, when people were young, is irrelevant to the present truth, something extremists try to do to deflect from the current topic…Good job at that! Third, to bring up her oldest son and even speak on what has happened to him, especially completely and totally falsely is DISGUSTING. A child was murdered by a vehicle, there was NO accident! Were you there? Were you in court? That has to be the lowest a person can go, to bring up a CHILD who was MURDERED and minimize the situation! Is that how you try to discredit people? Point out the most horrific thing a parent can go through and minimize what happened to that child? You are a sick twisted, excuse for a human. You have children, God forbid you are ever in a parents’ shoes like that!! Then, that wasn’t enough, you write about her young, innocent, MINOR, daughter and state where she goes to school?? Wtf is seriously wrong with you?? That is how you do things? By exposing a child’s death (inaccurately) and posting on the internet where to find a young girl? You are disgusting.
    As for Tatiana speaking out against what is going to be taught to children, and the underhanded, underlying facts that are inserted into to the CRT curriculum, she is correct. As a former educator in CA where CRT has already been adopted, I can definitely tell you that along with facts that I agree, are being addressed, along side it are materials that promote that one race is privileged and superior, while another is victimized. The teachings of Martin Luther King Jr have been removed, you know, “judging based on character, instead of the color of skin”, has been eliminated. It is pitting children against children. Children that would be learning from each other, are now being encouraged to judge each other by their skin color. How insulting to the millions of Americans whom have worked hard to be who who they are, to be told “because of tour skin color, you are less than”. I have taught my own children and students. to judge and stay away from people who have hatred and poor character, never, ever, by a person’s skin color! That is just asinine to do otherwise, and I sure am not going to be using my teaching platform to teach others’ children to look at anyone else and determine whether or not they are more privileged or inferior! Just as I expected my colleagues to teach my own, and future generations. To do so is dividing and shameful. So thank you, Tatiana for shedding light on what a BOE is considering to adopt in NY, just as they already have in other states and giving the power back to the parents (where it belongs) to decide who they want to teach their children.
    Jeff, in closing, I am so very sorry that instead of writing a piece that speaks about truth and logic that you would stoop to such an implorable position of bashing a mother who speaks out against what she believes (her right as an American and a mother), and then bring a dead child into your argument and a little sister whom has already lived the trauma of losing her brother suddenly, and in a very violent way, exposing where she goes to school for all of the internet. How sick of a human being you must be.

    1. BRAVO, Erica! God Bless YOU for standing up to this RADICAL LEFT-WING scum-bag, AMERICA-HATING “journalist HACK” and telling the TRUTH and exposing this EVIL LOSER! NEVER BACK DOWN ERICA!

  21. Typical lying communist piece of garbage. You shitty human beings are trying to indoctrinate children with your Marxist propaganda. Anytime someone speaks out you freak the fuck out because you’re terrified of people shedding light on the atrocities going on in the public school system.

    You’re all garbage and you will be exposed for exactly who you are. Nasty, vindictive communists who dream of sucking the cocks of Mao, stalin, marcuse, and gramsci.

    You can go fuck yourself.

    1. God Bless you Herbert for standing up against this EVIL ENEMY! NEVER BACK DOWN! I never will! I am WITH YOU 100% and so is the MAJORITY OF U.S. CITIZENS! We WILL take our country back from the EVIL MOB! They are already IMPLODING.

  22. So when this woman stands in a local bar and says the Carmel board of Ed is pocketing money that’s ok? Does she know them? When she stands in front of a camera and slanders a guidance counselor who’s name she didn’t even know( she had to ask her sidekick Holly) that’s ok? Does she know him? When she posts pictures of minors with their names all over social media telling people like you what she thinks she knows about these people, that’s just fine and dandy? Don’t worry about your friend she’s a big girl.

    1. I absolutely think this is disgusting article, and very hypercritical. How dare you bring in minor children into a situation like this. God help you of something happens to my children. Btw the counselor name is Daks Armstrong and HE put himself out there in the community spilling hatred for our police and white people.. shame on any educator who thinks that’s ok. You are sick and twisted individual

  23. Did you get this angry at Tanya when she posted the picture of a high school senior along with her name and school? Did you get this angry when Tatiana posted the name and social media information of another high school student? I like you (I think),feel it’s a horrific act against a minor. I would be willing to go out on a limb here and say most adults with any type of morality and children would.

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