The $1,000 blog post

So I’ve been told there’s a rumor spreading around the crazy right Interweb that I was paid $1,000 to write my blog post about Tatiana Tanya Ibrahim.

To be clear, it wasn’t $1,000.

It was $100,000!

And a Porsche!

And a new desk!

And an exotic guinea pig!

And … and …


I wrote the post—unpaid and unsolicited—for one reason: Hate needs to be exposed to sunlight. Racism needs to be exposed to sunlight. People like Tatiana Tanya—they need to be exposed to sunlight.

Hard to believe, right? Hard to imagine someone just did something because he thought it was right. Hard to believe he wasn’t paid off, or coerced. Well, sorry to disappoint.

I wrote about Tatiana Tanya, for free, because someone needed to.

Now go back to Facebook and post a meme of Jesus hugging Trump.