“We know who you are! We will find you!”

In case you missed this, last night a school board meeting in Franklin, Tenn. went bonkers/crazy/off the rails when a bunch of anti-mask parents continued the right’s “I Am Legend”-esque zombie movement.

Here’s a clip …

And … yeah. i wish I had something profound to say—but I really don’t. Not all that long ago I believed people could be reasoned with; that two sides could sit down over tea and vanilla wafers and discuss their differences. Maybe not come to agreement, but at least see where one another derive perspectives. But, alas, just like the Will Smith film teaches us all, zombies cannot be placated. They charge and scream and live for the attack. And the people last night—yelling at health care workers who spoke in favor of masks for schools—are zombies. Lost. Gone. Forever.

It’s sad. Because the guy pictured above; the one who pointed at a car and yelled, “We know who you are! We will find you!” is probably a father, a husband, a normal dude generally going about his life.

But, then–the outbreak. Of MAGA! Of No Masks! Of Kill the Libs! And suddenly you’re this flesh-eating thing, threatening well-intended medical professionals trying to do the right thing.