A return to an old stomping ground


Today I returned to the University of Delaware to speak to a sportswriting class. I’ve gone back many times since graduating in 1994, and it’s always odd. Sorta like stepping into a time warp, where I’m tossed backward to a simpler era, where I worried solely about (in this order):

1. Hooking up.

2. The Review, the student paper.

3. Grades.

4. Hoops.

Man, I loved college. Loved it. And yet, you can never really go home again. Cruising the campus, I mainly felt … old. I had on shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops, with a backpack flung over my shoulders. But even if I looked 22 (I don’t), I’m not 22. I’m a 37-year-old man with a wife and two kids; a mortgage and a damned minivan. There’s no turning back from reality: I’m aging.

That said, the visit renewed my desire to teach college journalism. I really enjoy standing before a group of students and just … spewing. It’s fun, and I tend to get a good response. One day, me hopes …

2 thoughts on “A return to an old stomping ground”

  1. Teaching college students (and absorbing their enthusiasm) keeps your outlook young, despite your outward manifestations. The constant interactions (in class and individual meetings, around campus, in town) challenge your assumptions about aging, too. There’s no doubt it’s a great gig on many levels.

    Though I think that you’re mainly bitter about the Stone Balloon.

    Glad you made it back!

  2. hey jeff. nice post! bet you’d make a great journalism prof. i just finished jack falla’s “home ice”: read it? he was a journalism prof at boston u after he left si. seems like he had a great life…

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