07-08-10 Lindsay

I love Lindsay Lohan, in that I love self-indulgent Hollywood creations who piss away their talent.

Not that I actually blame the poor woman. This is what parents risk when they shove their kids into showbiz; when they start viewing their offspring not as lovable little creatures, but as cash cows. Really, what did we expect to happen to her? At a young age, she’s lavished upon with money, with fame, with adoration, with drugs, with sex. Then she gets in trouble, and we’re supposed to be shocked? And outraged? “How dare she write ‘F^%$ you’ (or whatever it was) on her fingernail? How dare she rip the judge?”

What do we expect to happen?

Truth is, I don’t care. I just saw the above cartoon, and needed an excuse to run it.  🙂