Mirabel Jude

It seems I have a new love. Mirabel Jude wrote me this letter today:

I am Mirabel, tall and slim, single never married, i love site seeing, reading and cooking, i know you will not be worried for badging into your privacy in this form, i want to know more about you for an important issue that will benefit you and I, though i don’t know how to discloss it to you right now but as long as we get to know each other i will let you know, after viewling your profile on (a dating site)i got interested in knowing you for this important discussion.
Know it that colour, race and distance is never a barier for any relationship but love matters.
Have a good day, i will send my pictures to you after receiving your possitive reply soon.

I responded (email tag line: Mirabel—I believe in love), and attached this photo:

Here’s my letter:

Dearest Jim:

Thank you for the lovely e-mail. I can’t believe you found me on the dating site, My friends teased me for posting my photo there, but I am a believer in true love—as clearly you are, too. “Tall and slim, single never married” sounds wonderful, as long as you don’t mind my physical appearance. Several years ago a small poodle named Ewok attacked me and ripped out parts of my face. I no long have a nose or three of my fingers. But I assure you, I am looking and ready for your love. Also, I enjoy site seeing, reading, cooking and fishing for discarded cell phones and condoms in the Hudson River.

In short, we sound perfect for one another.

Please tell me more. And send a picture. I have attached one of me.

Love, Sinclair Stephens III

I’ll keep you posted if “she” responds.