It gets no worse than this

In the course of my life I’ve seen some awfully bad concerts. The worst ever was probably the Spin Doctors in the mid-1990s, who sucked worse in person than they did on a CD. That’s a tough trick.

A close second, however, was Chicago, which, after rolling through the 70s with some truly fantastic music, has spent the last three decades sucking as fiercely as one band can suck. Without the novelty that is a horn section, Chicago is playing Bar Mitzvahs in Topeka. Actually, Chicago might be playing Bar Mitzvahs in Topeka.

I digress. I saw Chicago in Newark, Delaware in 1992, and the above video pretty much captures the experience …

So what’s your worst concert experience? Please share.

7 thoughts on “It gets no worse than this”

  1. I was a huge fan of Smashing Pumpkins debut Gish. Their follow-up, Siamese Dream, exceeded all expectations- I was all in. Then I saw them in concert in San Francisco, 1993.

    Corgan sang and performed terribly, which isn’t great, but whatever- you roll the dice with live shows, but then, somebody in the front of the audience voiced some disapproval, and Corgan reacted by stopping the band from the next song and getting into it- saying “I’ve got something you’ll never have. I’ve got the rock power. I have the rock power motherfucker! And then he thrashed some non-chords on his guitar til the strings broke and then started singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and then petulantly walked off.

    I was so disappointed. One thing for a bad show- another to act like such a jackass.

    They headlined Lollapalooza the next year, but I didn’t hang around, leaving after the Beastie Boys. Still, on the way to the parking lot, I could here him- and he still sucked.

  2. I saw Robert Plant and Alannah Myles at the Jones Beach Ampitheater some years ago. She was terrible as the opening act, and he was stoned off his gourd to the point where he could barely stand, let alone sing. He warbled for about 45 minutes, staggered off stage for a 30-minute guitar- and drum solo, stumbled back on the stage, sang for another half-hour, and left.

  3. Worst band I saw in concert was The Cars, circa 1980. Flat, wooden performance. Stood in front of their mikes with no personality and no energy whatsoever, which is pretty tough to do with 15,000 or so fans in an arena. The Motels opened for them and blew them away with their energy and charisma.

  4. I hate to do this to you, I really do, but the worst concert performance I’ve seen was Hall & Oates at the Oakdale Theater. It was obvious that they still hated each other – they didn’t talk at all during the concert – Oates was on one side of the stage, and Hall was at the other.

    Plus, Darryl unsuccessfully tried to hit those high notes that he just couldn’t hit any more.

  5. One of my favorite places to go in the 90’s was Tuxedo Junction in Danbury because around that time, they were booking a lot of 80’s metal acts that were way past their glory days. For someone who was a fan of that music in his teens, the chance to see these acts up close and personal was actually very cool. Some still had it (Ratt,Cinderella) and some were really just God awful (Trixter).

    But to make a long story longer, hands down the worst had to be Corey Feldman’s band (yes he had one) when he played there. Wife being the big Goonies fan, we decided to check it out since it was cheap tickets and they had a “meet and greet” after the show. Barely anyone there, he sounded and acted like a complete dick onstage and after the show he never came out for the M&G! Maybe because I decided to be the drunk dude up front yelling “do Licensed To Drivveee!” and “Your father stormed the beach at Normandy!!”

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