The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

I know a man who, over the past few weeks, has prayed to God for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” not to be overturned.

God doesn’t listen to such fools.

Today, in a truly important and historically significant move, the Senate joined the House in voting to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and allow gay soldiers to serve openly in the Armed Forces.

It’s about time.

The idea that gays were allowed to be members of the armed forces, but that they had to be closeted members, was pathetic. You can die for this nation, but you can’t die openly. You take an oath to uphold certain dignities, but you are not granted the dignity to be honest and open. Long ago someone decided that gays were not worthy of equal citizenship, and the military reminded them of that every single day.

No longer.

Eight Republicans voted to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and they deserve huge props for going against the party line and doing what was right. They are: Susan Collins of Maine,  Scott P. Brown of Massachusetts, Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, John Ensign of Nevada, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Olympia J. Snowe of Maine and George V. Voinovich of Ohio.

Meanwhile, what’s left to say about the stunning decline and demise of John McCain, a once-admirable figure now wallowing in a puddle of sludge. “I hope that when we pass this legislation that we will understand that we are doing great damage,” he said. “And we could possibly and probably, as the commandant of the Marine Corps said, and as I have been told by literally thousands of members of the military, harm the battle effectiveness vital to the survival of our young men and women in the military.”

Yes, Senator, let the homophobes and bigots determine what’s right. Let them say who can serve openly and who can’t.

Bad news—you lost.

Righteousness won.

9 thoughts on “The repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell””

  1. Hmmmm would I take the advice of John McCain, war hero, POW, military man his entire life who knows the hell of war or Jeff Pearlman, a cookie cutter liberal who would never contemplate serving his country.

    It erodes morale for actual fighting troops. Jeff, it’s not a Sociology discussion group.

    1. Dan, which branch of the military did you serve in?

      And just because John McCain says something doesn’t mean it’s so. In fact, when McCain says something these days it usually isn’t so.

  2. Never served. 2 of my 5 brothers did – would never call them bigots though unlike you. Think McCain may have a better frame of reference than you on this issue. The fact you dont speaks volumes.

    1. Dan, I’m embarrassed for you. Just weak. There is no genuine denying the reality here: How many gay soldiers, fighting for this country, put their lives on the line for US, yet are not allowed to be themselves? It’s pathetic, and if your two brothers are uncomfortable serving alongside such people than, yes, I question their values and their open-mindedness. It almost would have been better to not allow gays to serve. That way, at least the military would have been honest.

  3. Pearlman,

    Now when wussies like you get drafted, you’ll have no way out. It used to be people like you, who think they are smarter and above working class people got drafted and hated the military because they just didn’t fit in with the others had a way out. They could just wink and kick their lips at an officer and they were done. Now…that’s not the case. We’ll have an army full of Colonel Klingers.

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