Delaware runners fight back

This meeting between Bernard Muir, the University of Delaware athletic director, and various Blue Hen runners (and the people who love them) took place a couple of days ago. It’s sort of painful to watch, in that the initial guy with the mic needs to allow the AD a chance to answer, and the AD is squirming like a half-dead trout.

What’s obvious here is the battle that takes place on college campuses every day: Marginal, low-income sports vs. existence. That this is happening at Delaware kills me because I am a former Blue Hen and, more than that, a former Blue Hen runner. Even though I’ve been out of school for (egad) 17 years, and even though, as a sports writer, I’ve heard all the reasons sports like track and XC are cut (budget issues, Title IX issues, indifference issues), I fail to fully understand. The mens’ cross country program costs Delaware $20,000 annually. Twenty thousand dollars.

When Muir says it’s a Title IX issue, well, he’s not being truthful. The NCAA hasn’t threatened Delaware with anything, RE: Title IX.

So why this decision? I’m not sure. My guess, however, is that it has something to do with Delaware’s increasingly inevitable move to Division I football.

Again—just a guess. But, I think, a strong one.

Whatever the case, I would never donate to Delaware’s athletic programs again.

No way.

5 thoughts on “Delaware runners fight back”

  1. Just nitpicking here, but Delaware already plays Division I Football. They play in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), which has a roster limit of 65 scholarship players. They may move up to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), which has a roster limit of 85 (I think).

    I think it’s pretty obvious that the Title IX excuse is bs. I wish the university would “man up” and tell the truth.

  2. I appreciate a person fighting a good fight against the football brained athletic directors out there. i pose that if a university is going to cut any programs for reasons related to title nine they should first have to cut there football roster down to no more than three players per position effectively giving them thirty three players , then the money saved there alone would help with title nine compliance. i do realize he is just using that as a front , but i bet it would make the athletic directors think before they make a quick decision.

  3. Title IX is complete BS, what the video doesn’t show is at the start of the meeting when Title IX was brought up, the UD lawyer stood up and said that UD IS in compliance with Title IX. He said that its not sure if we will be out of compliant in the coming years (whatever that means). I didn’t realize that UD knew for sure what the enrolment would be for next year.

    UD needs to see what a mistake they have made, I will never donate money again to the University of Delaware!

  4. Delaware football is a joke play real div I one football you will not win a game. The program looses money I am in awe over this decisoion. The XC program is the only sport at the university that recruits in state athletes. Delaware you are embarassing stop using title nine as an excuse to give more money to that football team. By the way coach Keeler take off the sun glasses you are not a star!!!!Coach Fischer you are a ledgend!! On On!!!!

    1. ^^^hmmm temple went 10 years w/out winning a game at lower level is located in ghetto and is now playing decent football since moving up. The move alone will improve the program ud has proven it can send players to nfl. Not to mention the biggest PA program just recieved death penalty, plenty of se pa players looking for local program. Time is now to move up. The money brought in from a move will be 100x what it is now

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