An awkward nod to The Real Skip Bayless

So a couple of seconds ago, while checking Twitter, I was directed to Skip Bayless’ page. Here’s the link.

I don’t know Skip personally. I’ve never been a fan of his work, especially since he used one of his books to “out” Troy Aikman—who, by all accounts, isn’t gay. But this post isn’t actually about my opinion of Skip. It’s about a guy brilliantly adjusting to 2011, instead of allowing himself to fade away.

By all points of reason, Skip’s career should be long dead. He’s been around forever, had his writing heyday in the 80s, became labeled as little more than a contrarian (for the sake of being a contrarian), seemed to enjoy the Grade-C fame of writing a column more than the actually act of writing a column. In a sense, he was the outside-of-New York answer to Mike Lupica—feisty, bombastic, irritating, widely read, indisputably successful and relevant.

Yet while Lupica is now slightly more vital than Menudo, Skip thrives. I give him enormous credit for this, because it’s not easy. I’m only 38, but I already see it. The fight to hang on is rough. There’s always younger … hungrier … more eager. Skip could have held on to his newspaper columnist gig, grasping to the last bit of yellowed print. Instead, he evolved. Well, that’s the wrong word—what he did, really, was look around, take in the landscape and adjust.

Hell, the guy seems to Tweet every 17 seconds, one banal sports-related thought after another after another after another. Do I find his takes interesting? 100 percent, no. But that’s me—I don’t particularly care whether Rose or Kobe wins the MVP, or if the Cavs need to retire LeBron’s No. 23. I love details; long writing; insight; evaluation. Skip seems to be more about the quick takes; causing a stir; having people yell and scream and curse.

Hey, it’s his thing.

Bottom line:

Skip Bayless has 143,401 Twitter followers.

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