I would like to see Sean Hannity’s birth certificate

I know … I know—it’s Fox News. What do I expect? Fair enough. But I find this sort of shit infuriating, and while I’m no Tim Pawlenty fan, I credit him for dismissing this garbage as an inane distraction, and nothing more.

To continue to question the place of origin of the President of the United States—just sinful. Wanna bash his policies? Totally fair. But to continue to use this as a wedge … ugh. I know people disagree, but this one’s pretty obvious: If Barack Obama is named John Stevens, and he’s white, this never happens. Never, ever, ever.

Hannity should be ashamed. Sadly, I don’t think he has that ability.

Oh, one more thing. Donald Trump says something … and it’s news? Why? Because he’s rich? Because he’s flirting with running for a job (This will never, ever, ever happen, by the way)? I mean, who gives a crap what this arrogant, horrible man says about Obama?

Answer: Hannity.