Gabby Giffords and political bullshit

So when, yesterday evening, I wrote something on Facebook about how cool it was to see Gabby Giffords at the big debt vote yesterday on the House floor, I was surprised when a friend responded with, “hook, like, sinker.”

Then I realized something: He’s right.

The whole thing was a show. A sad, pathetic, we-know-you’re-pissed-at-us-so-we’ll-show-you-this-display-of-typical-political-theatre bullshit. Yes, it’s absolutely wonderful that Giffords is up and walking. Her recovery is startling—this is a woman, remember, who was shot in the head. Amazing, and all praise is due. She’s a hero. An inspiration.

But … gimme a break. America’s elected officials routinely talk about how “sophisitcated” and “smart” the voters are—but they know the truth. We’re neither sophisticated nor smart. We’re sheep, anxious to follow whichever narrative makes us feel best about ourselves and our surroundings. Both Democrats and Republicans know 98 percent of aware Americans are livid about the debt limit proceedings, and they fear such outrage.

Hence: A heroic Gabby Giffords, casting the final vote.

And while we’re on the subject, I love, love, love seeing these officials—the ones in the pocket of the NRA—treating Giffords as if she were a long-lost sister. You vote time and time and time again against any and every possible gun safety measure … and then you act as if, hey, all’s good in the world.

I’d call politics dirty—but that’d be too tame.

It’s disgusting.

7 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords and political bullshit”

  1. Well put. They seemed entirely too pleased with themselves for completely caving (Democrats) or holding our economy hostage for the sake of political gain (GOP). I’m not a gun person, but it might be a bit of an oversimplification to blame a politician for her shooting. This wasn’t an instance of a child accidentally killing themselves with their Dad’s handgun. This was an atrocity committed by a deeply disturbed individual intent on killing a large number of people.

  2. Steve…I will finish your last sentence.

    …a large number of people, who got easy access to a 9MM Glock pistol and ammo at Walmart and used it to commit mass murder after Palin put crosshairs on Giffords district.

    I consider it very political that our elected officials don’t have the balls to keep assault weapons out of unstable hands because most are funded by the NRA.

  3. The guy had contact with the Sheriff’s department and his history was known. If current laws had been applied, dude would have been ruled ineligible, put on the NIC no buy list and had a visit to confirm weapons already in his possession were sold/removed. It was a failure to act on already established laws. Even in a state with loose legislation such as AZ, gun ownership is still quite regulated.

  4. Well said Jeff. The people pulling the strings in Washington are masters at the art of distracting people from things that really matter.

  5. Asherdan,

    Patently untrue. Contact with a sheriff’s department does nothing. Nor was his history ‘known’ by law enforcement. If these established laws were acted on in the way you suggest, Arizona would be a police state.

  6. We disagree, Dr. K. His history of drug and alcohol incidents combined with his school suspensions and contact with campus police could have easily resulted in a 5150 type hold. Heck, his JC even required a psychiatric doctor to ascertain that he was not a threat to himself or others as a condition of his re-entry.

    So yeah, if the pieces had been put together extant legislation would have removed this guy from legal possession.

    Police state? That’s an absurd expansion.

  7. Jeff,
    slightly off topic but isn’t the expression…”hook, line and sinker” as in a fishing reference?
    UD 86

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