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Throwback Thursday

The dress.
The dress.

My daughter goes to a day camp near our home, and today was Throwback Thursday.

Casey asked if I had any legwarmers, which I somehow lack. “Then I’m not going to wear anything,” she said.

And that was that.

Then the wife entered the room, holding the dress she wore for her Bat Mitzvah in (egad) 1984. “Wear this!” she said. To which Casey responded, firmly, “No.”

“Well,” the wife said, “if you don’t, I will.”

Casey was strongly against this idea. She’s almost 11, which means embarrassment comes quite easily. But the wife is strong willed, and always up for a good joke. “I’m going to wear it,” she said. And she did. She put on the faded, dated dress, with the puffy arms and weird neck line, and drove our daughter to camp. She opened the car door, entered the building, dropped Casey off, left. All while wearing the dress.

“It’s weird,” she thought, “no one seems into Throwback Thursday.”

Only later did she realize it’s actually Throwback Friday.