Ryan Lindley throws a touchdown

Yinka (left) and Ryan: The streaks didn't last forever.

Yinka (left) and Ryan: The streaks didn’t last forever.

A few minutes ago Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley threw a touchdown, ending his dazzling streak of having gone the first 228 passes of his career without completing for a score.

With that, I can’t help but flash back to the lord’s year of 1997, when the New Jersey Nets featured had a center named Yinka Dare. On January 7, I headed out to the Meadowlands to write a CNNSI.com (yes, that was the url back in the day) piece on Dare’s incredible streak of playing the first 76 games of his career without a single assist. It was just such an irresistible story—the bumbling 7-footer out of George Washington University and his staggering inability to have a pass go from his hands to those belonging to a teammate prepared to successfully shoot.

Anyhow, I snagged my credential, spent some time with the soft-spoken Dare beforehand, trotted down to my media seat in the largely empty arena and watched …

… Dare tally an assist.

Yes, it was just one. In garbage time. At the end of a meaningless 90-74 blowout of the San Antonio Spurs. But, still, it ruined the whole basis of my piece, and caused me to walk off into the night without the story I’d wanted to write.

It also left me happy.

See, I don’t root for failure. I genuinely don’t. The joy of sports is, ultimately, success and satisfaction and happiness.

With that pass, Yinka Dare (who died at age 31) could muster a bit of happiness.

Or, at the very least, relief.

Just like Ryan Lindley.

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