The more I think about Lynne Russell …

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… the more and more and more agitated I become.

Not at Russell, actually. At Megyn Kelly.

Last night, the Fox News star interviewed Russell about her recent run-in with a gunman, which resulted in one dead and one injured. Russell told a story of how the Second Amendment (which she wholeheartedly supports) saved her life, because her husband was able to shoot the bad guy. Gooooo … Second Amendment!

Like all good Fox News reporters do when confronted with a cause they support, Kelly questioned nothing. She listened, tossed a few softballs, blah, blah. Not once—not one time—did she ask Russell whether maybe, just maybe, the gunman was inclined to shoot because she delayed and delayed and delayed in trying to get her husband a weapon. Not once did she ask whether, perhaps, all would have ended better had she simply handed the gunman her money and then, when he left, called the police.

Nope, the Second Amendment saved the day, because it clearly saved Russell’s life. Even though, ahem, her husband wound up shot—three times.

I wrote this earlier, and I’ll write it again: I don’t buy the simplicity of Lynne Russell’s story. Can a firearm save a life? Absolutely. Does it happen? Sure. But did this man charge into a Motel 6 room intent on robbing and killing Lynne and her husband? Or was he just looking for a quick score and a dash?

Um … yeah.