The more I think about Lynne Russell …

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… the more and more and more agitated I become.

Not at Russell, actually. At Megyn Kelly.

Last night, the Fox News star interviewed Russell about her recent run-in with a gunman, which resulted in one dead and one injured. Russell told a story of how the Second Amendment (which she wholeheartedly supports) saved her life, because her husband was able to shoot the bad guy. Gooooo … Second Amendment!

Like all good Fox News reporters do when confronted with a cause they support, Kelly questioned nothing. She listened, tossed a few softballs, blah, blah. Not once—not one time—did she ask Russell whether maybe, just maybe, the gunman was inclined to shoot because she delayed and delayed and delayed in trying to get her husband a weapon. Not once did she ask whether, perhaps, all would have ended better had she simply handed the gunman her money and then, when he left, called the police.

Nope, the Second Amendment saved the day, because it clearly saved Russell’s life. Even though, ahem, her husband wound up shot—three times.

I wrote this earlier, and I’ll write it again: I don’t buy the simplicity of Lynne Russell’s story. Can a firearm save a life? Absolutely. Does it happen? Sure. But did this man charge into a Motel 6 room intent on robbing and killing Lynne and her husband? Or was he just looking for a quick score and a dash?

Um … yeah.

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  1. Clearly, Ms Kelly gave Ms Russell and her husband…as victims of an armed robbery/assault…the same benefit of the doubt that Mr Pearlman has chosen to extend to the perpetrator of this violent crime. To each their own perspective.

  2. Just curious, did you know this guy personally. Really did he tell you want his intent was, pushing and attractive woman into a motel room for what kind of score. I fully do not understand your position on this being critical of the victim for not bending over and taking it. You were not there and have no clue of the level of seriousness or his state of mind. Ok you are anti gun i got that, but because you would have been submissive does not mean she should have. The husband was protecting his wife with his life if necessary, so excuse me if i call him a hero.

  3. So dude, what aren’t you buying about her story? You sound like you know the guy that got iced…knew what his intent was. What is with you pro-criminal, bleeding heart navel gazers anyway? And yeah saw your twitter feed…whats up with your white-women issues?

  4. You sir, are a Boob, with a capital “B”. You rob, you have no expectation to survive the incident. You don’t debate it with the perp or wait to see what he does. Shoot first, no questions needed to be asked. If you were looking for short term attention, you’ve got it, but I’ll never take an opinion of yours seriously ever going forward. Your position has nothing to do with compassion for less fortunate because less fortunate does not equal criminal.

  5. “Who is there to harm you if you do what is right” There is a right and wrong and this intruder was choosing to do what is wrong. The right to bear arms protects from wrong …. courts can protect from wrong. In the heat of the moment you don’t debate which one is better for this intruder, you protect.

  6. Ronald McGregery

    Why are liberals always on the wrong side? I refuse to believe they are all idiots. Jeffrey however is an idiot. First he believes he is a mind reader. He assumes the CRIMINAL only wanted money. What if Lynne’s husband wasn’t there and he tried to rape her? Now watch a liberal squirm trying to resolve that one. Support the rape victim or support the poor downtrodden criminal. I imagine poor Jeffrey’s head would explode over this one. Lynne’s comment that she wished she could “blow the criminal away again” – I salute you. The criminal got exactly what he deserved. More people need to start saving our tax dollars and dispensing justice.

  7. Jeff needs to get a life.. he posts something on twitter about someone farting in a bathroom stall… cool story. and some idiot posts listed below from 21,17 and 14 days ago with a whopping 4 comments.

  8. disqus_JH46PfZ9Ll

    Oh it’s ok if he just needed a quick score?? You are a real dumbass! The guy shouldn’t have been trying to rob them?? I just don’t understand how you are blaming the victim. Your son is going to be real proud of you one day when you’re robbed and you just stand there like a pansy and don’t fight back. What a coward you must be.

  9. ConcernedCitizen

    As Meghan Kelly said you’re simply into victim shaming! If you were in a room held at gunpoint would you give a crap what their intentions were…they were obviously hostile as they had a gun you moron. So your theory is whoever has the gun first gets all the other persons property, dignity and sense of security by force!!!!! I wouldn’t care if he was selling girl scout cookies, he has a gun and he’s threatening my life it doesn’t matter at that point what his intentions are!!! He came to me I didn’t go to him, at that point he assumed all risks involved in a robbery, rape, murder…whatever his intentions were at that point were all moot. When you endeavor to deprive someone of their property only then you become a conman, when you use a gun you assume all risks involved as force is often met with force! You disgust me even considering that they were not justified in this shooting!

  10. Pearlman, you are so wrong on this. Bottom line is he tried armed robbery……he deserved what he got. The sad part is that her husband was shot. I live in Santa Fe which is north of Albuquerque. On average the first 5 minutes of local news are reports of violence in that city. C’mon Pearlman, watch the news. How dare you try to blame the victim……..give him the money and he might have left? Duh………he had a gun and intruded in their room. He broke the law, not them. People like you drive me nuts.

  11. I’m wondering if Jeff feels any compassion for the young women who was murdered by that illegal alien in California, or does his heart bleed for the poor misunderstood mexican

  12. Motel six Jeff? You must have been there to know that. What would you have done Jeffry? Got on your knees and tickled his testicles while he thrust his gun barrel into you babbling mouth begging for mercy! Yea good advice Jeff, give up your 20 bucks then call the cops to bitch them out for not being there to prevent this gross misjustice then call your attorney to sue the cops.

    Does your wife wear the gun belt in your family?

  13. Jeez, my wife has more balls than you Jeffrey plus, she’s got a gun can would not hesitate putting a round into an armed criminal.

  14. What a moron. You sit behind your cozy computer passing judgement on self defense. And you wonder why firearm sales are through the roof as well as concealed carry. Why ANYBODY listens to your Crap is unbelievable.

  15. In your mind Jeff, the criminal is simply a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly and should be trusted because they really meant no harm when they broke into your hotel room. You would probably apologize to them that they needed to rob or kill or rape you, it’s really not their fault, but the fault of society that led them to a life of crime.

    In your mind, the criminal is the victim and the recipient of their crime should be shamed because in your mind they really meant no harm. In your mind, if the victims would have been killed it would be no big deal, just another murder but thank goodness the victims didn’t even try to defend themselves.

    You are a sorry excuse of a person Jeff. I’ll look forward to how you twist things around to find other victims to blame for their behavior.

  16. By looking at all the comments here, there sure is a lot of dumb in the world. No doubt people have protected themselves with guns. This particular crook had the drop on these people. I don’t know what the figures are but I doubt most of these robberies end up in a shooting. This woman’s husband could have very well ended up dying.

  17. “But did this man charge into a Motel 6 room intent on robbing and
    killing Lynne and her husband? Or was he just looking for a quick score
    and a dash?”

    I’m sure Russell and her husband had ample time to think this over and discuss as this low-life was pointing a gun at them. Pick your battles.

  18. It’s a dangerous game to play,that thinking a person of criminal mind,who brandishes a weapon has done so only for the means to make the crime at hand appear to be closer to civility than what they are intended more often than not…Criminals,whose minds are not steady, and may change in a spit second regardless of the speed in which the victim obeys his weapon and demands.
    As usual,the vast majority who rally against the 2nd Amendment believe the offering of sloppy wet kisses being blown toward their assailants would likely make the crime victim less and each party to go their merry way with perhaps even a pat on the back of the criminal for doing such a thing as tempering his anger and reasons(picks from hat) in a more peaceful and harmonic atmosphere.
    How often is the phrase spoken…”It seems they complied with the demands,so why were they harmed anyway?”

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