Dear Heather Martin …

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Dear Heather Martin:

I don’t know you, but someone posted your Facebook status update from July 21.

First, I’d like to offer my congratulations: Your spelling and grammar seem pretty impeccable. Proper usage of “You’re” vs. “Your”; Good application of the colon. Even a neatly placed hashtag to wrap things up. Truly, mazel tov.

That being said, I’d like to kindly request that you please refrain from reinforcing the views most of us in the 49 other states have of Texas. I mean, your Facebook ID backdrop … Really? That’s so Rick Perry. And the ignorant, racist, coded language? Are you trying to make us think you’re a bigot? Or are you unaware of the power of your ignorant, racist, coded language?

Either way, you’re an asshole. Like, a really big asshole. Like, one of those assholes who thinks she’s protecting her children by keeping a loaded gun in her dresser; like one of those assholes who likes blacks but hates n—–s; like one of those assholes who can’t possibly understand why African-Americans mistrust the police; like one of those assholes lacking the empathy and compassion to grasp how it feels to, once again, be pulled over by a cop for shifting lanes without a turn signal. Or, once again, be followed through Macy’s by the store security guard. Or, once again, have poll workers question your voting status. Or, once again, watch others be promoted at the job.

I’m actually riveted, Heather, by what could possibly make one write the sentence, “Just cause you decided to kill yourself later does NOT make you anything other than a menace to society, as so clearly illustrated by the dash cam video.” Did you know Sandra Bland? Did you know her family? When you read this article, do you feel the slightest sadness? Empathy? Hurt? Or did she deserve to die, because she was mouthy to an overzealous police officer? Does that make her passing digestible?

Oh, and if someone gets snotty with a police officer, you and yours will “pull you the eff out of your car”? Really? Even though it’s, eh, illegal? You’re OK with that? Legal protections don’t matter to you much? America and all that. You seem, at best, to be a snotty racist asshole. Can I therefore come over to your house and pull you out of your window and place you under arrest? For being rude? For being an asshole? For throwing out hurtful, bigoted speech? That cool with you?

Heather, here’s my request: Spend a few nights in Gary, Indiana. See what it’s like to be black in downtrodden urban America, where all the businesses have left, where the economy long ago died, where cops are itching to make arrests and where a kid has no reason to view college as the slightest possibility. Or visit Newark, N.J. Or Trenton. N.J. Or Compton. Or 100 other places across the country. See what the world is like—what it’s truly like—before you fire off some snotty, ignorant, bullshit message that your little white, poof-haired, arch-conservative, Ted Cruz-loving xenophobic Facebook pals can like with a click on the heart.


— Jeff Pearlman

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  1. Thanks for having the courage to publish this, Jeff! BTW … Heather has changed her FB cover photo. I sent her a friend request yesterday. She quickly deleted it …

    1. Make sure you have the correct Heather Martin. There are two Heather Martin’s in that area. One is who Ron wrote about, and the other is not. The one who IS NOT THE SAME ONE is a kind, open minded, very sweet woman, a wife and mother of young children, wo would NEVER even think of a racist action. Unfortunately, due to Ron’s post, people have tracked her down, are calling her work, posting on her (now deleted) FB page and harassing her. So shame on people who did not take the time, nor use the intelligence God gave them, to verify if they had the correct person before harassing an innocent, sweet woman.

      1. The only action I’ve taken is the friend request, sent to the same one above. As stated, she promptly deleted my request. She’s since changed her profile picture and cover photo. There’s only ONE (1) Heather Kay Martin in Allen, TX and that one is a bigot. Shame on her for not taking the time, nor using the intelligence God gave her before posting her racist comments and hurling insults at a woman who died in police custody through social media. The one Jeff wrote about deserves EVERYTHING she gets.

      2. I agree withwhat you say about the Heather Martin in Allen Texas. But unfortunately, my acquaintance who lives in a neighboring town has been receiving death threats, people are trying to take down her work place, etc. My comment was in hope that people who read your comment, and other comments, to MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT HARASSING THE WRONG, AND INNOCENT, Heather Martin. As your comment is the leading comment in this blog, I am trying to reach folks to think before reacting, to protect a sweet mother and woman who does not have a racist thought in her body or soul. Please reread my initial comment, again, I am trying to keep someone who may be inflamed by your post, and others comments, to use intelligence and think before they take action against the wrong woman. I AM criticizing you personally.

      3. I understand your comment and it’s unfortunate people haven’t done their due diligence. It’s a travesty that #SandraBland is dead and died while in police custody.

      4. It’s just too bad that the nice Heather can’t sue the bigot Heather for defamation of character.

      5. The ONLY ones defaming anyone in this are you ignorant Marxist LOONS calling someone racist for being smarter than you.

      6. For Trevor Taylor, racism must equal intelligence. He probably believes he’s the smartest one in the room even when demonstrating that he obviously hasn’t a clue what Marxism is. Typical run-of-the-mill neo-facist cop apologist. 🙂

  2. For one thing, she doesn’t speak for all of Texas. I’m a Texan and I don’t think that way at all. I also have law enforcement in my family.

  3. This woman is what I think of when I think of a typical Collin County Republican. I’m black and I grew up in Allen, TX. My mother taught middle school there for many years (Ford and Curtis) , my brother also attended Allen schools, just like me. People who think like her are minority of the people that live here. However, she is a vocal minority, a minority that people tend to remain silent on. She lives in a world where she gets nonverbal permission to say such awful things because no one speaks up to counter her warped world view, which is why she felt completely comfortable sharing her nonsense with the world. Heather Martin is learning her echo chamber is failing to prepare her for dealing with folks in the real world. In the age of twitter and facebook, her ignorance will no longer go unchecked.

    1. Absolutely. I think it’s wonderful that these racists are getting called out. She may be able to talk/think like that in her immediate circle unchecked, but with social media the rest of the world will let her know that it is NOT ok.

  4. Heather needs to be sentenced to a barbecue in an African-American neighborhood in Chicago. She would understand that her hosts have the same type of family values she claims she has.

      1. I don’t blame you or anyone one bit for not wanting that. Nor would I want her in my house. I was speaking theoretically. But there has to be a way to have ignorance erased. Hatred is caused by ignorance and fear. Once an individual gets to know what she/he is hating, the less apt he/she is to continue that behavior. This perspective is coming from someone who is writing a book about his American father who spent his childhood behind a barbed wire fence in a WWII Japanese American internment camp. From my research, I learned a lot about that type of behavior.

  5. Dear racist assed bitch…GTFO . You are irrelevant and no one cares. Do us all a favor, and step into Chicago. Here in Chicago, we are going to make sure we yank your ass outta your car. Then we gonna put you into a house, surrounded by black neighbors. Who will go to work, come home, put their trash out, do yard work, sit out on the porch visiting with their friends and fams. Maybe wash a car or 2. BBQ. And if the “ghetto” life don’t scare you to death, maybe you neighbor will walk up to you and offer you a plate…that just might prompt a heart attack….#GTFO #blackfolksarerealpeople


    What the officer did to Bland was 100% legal MORONS!! If an officer says get out of the vehicle that IS LEGAL and you MUST exit! Disobey that LEGAL order and force WILL be used against you MORONS Heather was CORRECT! Thanks for admitting that she is by crying racist. You brain dead subhuman Marxist VERMIN only pull the race card when you know your side is WRONG and has already LOST!

    1. You sound psycho. An officer must have probable cause to even search a person. He had no right to even tell her to get out of her vehicle. That is not normal procedure, and just because she exercises her freedom of speech and it hurt the poor little cop’s ego doesnt give him the right to abuse the citizens he is getting paid to protect. You sound like a straight NIGGER. But trust me, justice will prevail. You just better hope nothing happens to you like that.

      1. WRONG MARXIST CUNT!! I am NOT agreeing with you brain dead subhuman commie VERMIN here therefore I am not psychotic! The officer had EVERY legal right to order her out of the car MORON! LOOK IT UP!

      2. LOL calm down. You are hilarious. Love the name calling. Very mature. This is just keyboard warrior stuff right here. Internet trolling at its finest. You should be so proud. I’d print this out and put it on my resume if I were you. 😉

      3. lol – looks like someone’s got some major issues. Let’s see, obviously racist and misogynist, emotionally backward to the point it’s scary, major lack of communications skills, displaying extreme right wing ignorance, and in dire need of anger management. Future theater shooter in the making?

      4. WRONG MARXIST TWAT!! But thanks for once again admitting that I am right while you are a complete and utter fucking RETARD! Displaying ignorance would be agreeing with you far left VERMIN!

    2. Shut your dumb ass up. Apparently what he did was illegal otherwise he wouldn’t have been put on administrative leave, you brain dead idiot

      1. WRONG COMMIE FUCKTARD!!! Just because PC ASSHOLES put pressure on politicians running police depts. doesn’t mean administrative leave is proof of wrong doing IDIOT!

      2. You are really doing a bang-up job representing the right. Way to go. Where do I sign up for the Republican party? 😉

      3. You are hilarious. Pure entertainment. You seriously claim to know my IQ? Pretty sure you are certifiably insane. Seek counseling immediately.

      4. WRONG COMMIE WHORE!! I am NOT a DEMONcrat therefore I cannot be considered insane! KILL yourself immediately CUNT!!

    3. FIRST of all, you are in the major minority here b/c even Fox News and Donald Trump said this was wrong (AND you are incredibly rude). Secondly, although it’s not a good thing to disrespect a cop, he clearly responded with too much force. Oh but wait, I forgot that cops are the almighty ones who have perfect morals, are always calm and level-headed, and can’t go wrong EVER (that was sarcasm).

      One time I got pulled over by a cop for merging over a yellow line, and I got angry, got out of my car and yelled at the cop (not one of my finer moments – I was 18 and have anxiety). I didn’t even worry for ONE second about being arrested or tased or shot b/c I am WHITE. Is that pulling a “race card????” P.S. I love how calling people out on racism is using a “race card.” It must be hard to be racist and be called out on it. Boo-hoo for you. Cry me a freaking river.

      1. Pull your empty head out of your lying commie ass for the first time in your pathetically ignorant excuse for a life you brain dead subhuman Marxist CUNT! The sad thing is that being right and having the FACTS on my side is the minority position. That just proves how RETARDED you vermin on the left are! Respect has to be EARNED MORON!! You far left scum don’t deserve any!

      2. LOL calm down. You are hilarious. Love the name calling. Very mature. This is just keyboard warrior stuff right here. Internet trolling at its finest. You should be so proud. I’d print this out and put it on my resume if I were you. 😉

      3. Fuck off ignorant Marxist WHORE! What you commie VERMIN are doing to Ms Martin is the definition of immaturity and evil TWAT! You cannot stand that she’s smarter than ALL of you combined, so you are attacking her.

      4. LOL nice. Stay classy. I can’t say I’ve ever been called an “ignorant Marxist whore,” a “commie vermin,” or an “evil twat.” LOL I mean who talks like that? Where do you live? Did you go to school? People like you can’t possibly be real. Just insane. o_O

        Surrounding yourself with other Marxist VERMIN is how you haven’t heard the truth until now RETARD!
        LIEberalism is a mental illness.

      6. What in the f—. Seriously. Get a freaking hobby. Calm the f— down. You are taking all of your shortcomings (low IQ, ignorant as hell, rude, probably racist) and projecting them onto the left, which is hysterical. You used the word “retarded.” You called me a “cunt.” You are the lowest of the low. You probably root for Trump and/or Cruz. You make me sick. Stay in your tiny little redneck town and never come out. EVER.

        I have NONE of the shortcomings you brain dead subhuman commie VERMIN do WHORE!!

  7. Straight ignorance. These cops are the thugs, these cops are the criminals, and people like her are the true niggers!

    1. That is not the phone number for the Heather in question. I can assure you the Heather with this phone number in no way shares the views of the Heather that posted this comment. I urge you to please delete this comment so no one else calls in Death Threats

  8. Thank you Jeff. Sometimes it truly feels that black women are alone out here without any men fighting for us, its nice to know that some of you really do care about us

  9. Ron Pearlman, I agree that the Heather Martin you posted about is a racist and other things as well. But your comment about Heather Martin has made life a nightmare for a family member, who is another Heather Mart in who lives in the same area. My Heather Martin, who is a different person than your Heather Martin you wrote about, is a kind, sweet, open minded and loving woman. Her life is now a nightmare due to your post. She is receiving threats at work and bombarded by insults. She is an innocent, sweet woman and mother. What will YOU do to prevent your followers from hurting her, and her family. She is NOT the woman in your post, and she would NEVER make those type of comments: much less think them.

  10. Face the fACTS for the first time MORONS, this incident ended the way it did because the woman was STUPID! Same as Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner. Did she have the legal right to refuse the request to put out her cigarette, which was only a request? YES! Was it smart to do so? NO! Until the streets are patrolled by Robocop, it’s going to be human beings who pull us over for infractions. Going out of your way to piss off the person who is carrying a book full of tickets waiting to be filled out is STUPID! Especially with the libraries full of ambiguous laws leftwing legislatures pass that the officer can interpret to use against you idiot. By pissing him off, she escalated it to the point where he ordered her out of the car, LEGALLY! Then her refusal to comply gave him the LEGAL duty to use force. This went from a warning or minor ticket, which she probably would’ve beat in court, to an arrest and death because the woman involved was STUPID!

  11. Jeff, have you ever been to Gary, Indiana for anything longer than to say “just passing through?” I don’t know Heather Martin any better than you do, but she at least didn’t bring race into her rant like you did. Her rant was about being respectful to a police officer, whether you like them or not. I’ve been pulled over many times. I’ve even had an officer pull his weapon out and aim it at me for no valid reason that I could see. But in every single one of those cases I maintained a cooperative and professional conduct, even when I felt I wasn’t being treated with the same respect that I was showing to the officer. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.

    I lived and worked in and around Gary for several months back when it was fast becoming the murder capital of the US. It isn’t a pleasant area. At all. But “The White Man” didn’t make it that way any more than “The Black Man” did. Unless you want to say that white flight was responsible for turning Gary into a shitty place to live. And if that’s what did it – why were the white people leaving? What were they running from? They weren’t running from black people. They were running from the inability to make a decent living after the steel mills closed. They were running from the crime rate that only got worse. White people didn’t cause Gary.

    Heather Martin’s rant wasn’t about race. It was about respect and cooperation. This doesn’t have to be about race. In fact, many things usually aren’t about race until people that have nothing to do with the actual incident make it about race. Have you ever lived in Gary, Indiana? No? I didn’t think so.

    1. exactly, and to make things worse a Different Heather Martin in a neighboring town is now getting death threats. People being retards googling a name and sharing the wrong persons contact information because they are to ignorant to figure it out. People like Jeff and his followers in this country is exactly what is wrong with this once Great Country. Twisting words of others so they can get into the spot light. There is ABSOLUTLY nothing racist about her statement. This is a sad time in this Country and its all thanks to these Race Baiters like Jeff.

    2. That is your opinion Steve. You failed to get the “coded message” part of Jeff Pearlman’s response. It confirms President Obama’s remark about how not saying the N word in polite society doesn’t mean racism is non-existent. That woman lacks empathy for one thing and she put it all on full display for all to see. Why would she do that? She doesn’t believe Sandra Bland’s life matters. It has nothing to do with cooperation with law enforcement and more to do with an uppity white woman who thinks she is better than a black woman. Plain and simple. So get off your high horse and take the blinders off. Otherwise, you will remain in your alternate reality bubble.

      1. You are right – that is my opinion. But at least it’s an opinion based on personal experience.

      2. Wow, nothing but links to Marxist far left organizations that lie. No wonder you’re so fucking clueless.

      3. WRONG COMMIE!! It’s you ignorant libtards who are in an alternate reality MORON! Bland herself didn’t value her own life, otherwise she wouldn’t have killed herself IDIOT! Pull your empty head out of your ASS!



      2. And what are you? You think because you don’t use cursewords you’re some sort of superior being? You’re too scared to even put up a profile picture unlike your fellow bigots on this thread. You claim intelligence and sneer at the supposed “Marxist” websites spewing what YOU think are lies because they don’t follow the rigid christofacist dogma you adhere to reinforced by the rightwing propaganda machine known as Fox? GTFOH! You wouldn’t know what a Marxist was if they came up and bitch slapped you with a schoolbook. Not on sourced from your history deleting schoolboard, a REAL schoolbook. The really amazing thing is that within all your replies we can easily read all the same racist dog whistle codewords for black people that the Heather Martin you’re trying to defend used (admit it, in your mind you’re on a white charger coming to her rescue, wearing that grey traitor uniform, with the racist battle flag flowing behind you while a band are playing “dixie”).

        Your respose is typical of a generation of bigots, but the thing which will hurt you more and more as you get older and more bitter is the fact that as you and your kind die off you will be replaced by decent people who will get along better, which will be better for your state, the US and the generations to follow. When your type of sad bigot is remembered in history books people will read about you and do what they do when reading about Medieval flat earth believers, the Spanish Inquisition, and the witch hunters of Salem. They will simple and sadly shake their heads while asking “What was wrong with them”?

      3. Thanks for admitting that I am right while you are a complete and utter fucking retard. You ignorant Marxist SCUM only cry racist when you know your side has already LOST!
        I am superior to you VERMIN because unlike you creatures, I possess the ability to think independently. It’s why I don’t need the socialist nanny state to control me while you lower life
        like forms do.
        You don’t even know what skin color I am MORON! Guess what, I have as many white parents as your Marxist NObamessiah does. Ignoring FACTS is the opposite of being a decent person COMMIE! It’s you brain dead Marxist SCUM that will not be remembered well by history RETARD!

  13. With her attitude her children are probably pretty mouthy so maybe karma will get her! Those kind of cops don’t care about skin color. They care about undeserved respect!

  14. When I saw Ms. Martin’s post on facebook, I messaged her that she was a “soul-less, pathetic human being, and I hesitated to use the word human” This was her response to me:

    Heather Martin

    Nice pictures of your family all over your FB page, moron. You have the m@therf&cking audacity to bitch about this when the Black Pampers and other pathetic criminals are gunning down COPS IN TEXAS?!?! Aw HELLLLLL NO!!! Hold on while I reload some hollowpoints with your name on it. #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #JustAskIsisInGarland #BlackPampers #DeathPenalty #WeHateCriminals

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