The problem with politics

Hate you now, loved you then.

Hate you now, loved you then.

In case you missed it, earlier today Mitt Romney gave what was termed an “important” speech about why Republican voters need to reject Donald Trump. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee tagged the (inevitable) 2016 presidential nominee as a phony and a fraud, and said the people should support anyone but him.

Which was all fine and dandy and agreeable—had Romney not pursued and accepted Trump’s support four years ago … even after J. Donald led a prolonged and racist birther campaign against Barack Obama.

And, truly, that’s the thing about politics that drives me (and many others) insane. I can tolerate people like Ted Cruz expressing beliefs I abhor. I can accept big egos and lame speeches and presidential ambitions from miles afar. But what I can’t accept is the hypocrisy. What Romney did today wasn’t surprising, because, truly, it’s what almost all high-level political figures do. Hell, it’s what Romney did when he ran against Obama, and disparaged the president’s health care plan … even though it was largely a knockoff of his own plan from Massachusetts. These people (I’m talking left and right here) rarely support things because of sincere belief. Nope, they support things because they’ll help their side.

Perfect example: Supreme Court. There is literally zero good reason for the Republicans to deny so much as a meeting with an Obama-selected nominee. It’s petty and childish and complete bullshit. The party leaders say it has to do with Obama being a lame duck—yet the guy has nearly 11 months remaining in office. There’s nothing lame duck about it. So, yeah, it’s bullshit, and the Democrats have been rightly whining at will. But (and this is a big butt) Joe Biden did, factually, suggest similar action when George W. Bush was president. Why? Because Bush was a Republican, and Biden desired a left-leaning court.

It sucks.

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  1. In Biden’s case I don’t think it ever came to having to vet a nominee. And I doubt that he would have done with McConnell has done

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