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Because of a sudden death in the family, I really hadn’t given the Orlando tragedy much thought in its immediate aftermath. But now, with some free time and a few hours of increased focus, I have a few quick thoughts on my mind …

• 1. The battle against Islamic Fundamentalism—as far as many see it—is unwinnable: In other words, we need to stop being idiots about this. Just as was the case in San Bernardino, the shooter here pledged allegiance to ISIS—but probably was never trained by ISIS. So no matter how many bombs you fire, no matter how many bullets you shoot, no matter how many terrorists you imprison, well, freedom of thought and idea is not something one can detain and/or kill. There are, factually, bad people among us. Very bad. And they’re alone, angry, easily swayed … whatever. And they will carry out murders. This is not something we can defeat, a la the Germans in World War II. It is only something we can, sort of, contain. That’s the reality. So all this talk about “beating ISIS” is political bullshit.

• 2. The more our leaders speak of Muslims (as a whole) as the enemy, the more anti-American hate we create. Not only that—the hate becomes increasingly justified. We are not a nation that judges based on religion, and we must never become a nation that judges on religion. But if we’re perceived as such, why wouldn’t more and more easily swayed young Muslim men and women seek to hurt America? (To be clear: I have some very close Muslim friends. To group them with this sort of thing is just ignorant).

• 3. Donald Trump is the worst. I’ve been saying this for quite a while, but this confirms it. His Twitter responses today made me, truly, want to vomit. A murderous rampage takes place in a club … and you respond by attacking the president? By repeating your call for a ban of an entire religion? By the way—how does the ban work? Do all Muslims have to show their Muslim cards before trying to enter? Do I now get a Jew card? Or would it be an agnostic Jew card? What if I don’t believe in God? What does mine say? Put different: You can’t ban an entire religion from entering America: 1. Because it’s awful; 2. Because it’s impossible. Literally impossible.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.09.53 PM• 4. Can we please, please, please, please, please have a real discussion about guns in this country? In an odd sense, the NRA and its people got lucky here, in that the shooter has been identified as a “terrorist,” thereby taking the focus off his weapon of choice—an AR15 that was legally banned until Congress let the law expire. If the right insists on slamming President Obama for refusing to say “Islamic terrorism,” why can’t I slam the right for refusing to ever fucking acknowledge that we have a genuine gun problem; that 100 armed people in that club probably wind up killing even more folks during the frenzy?

• 5. I am in pain. I really am. I hate the terrorist attacks. I hate the inevitable “thoughts and prayers” that do shit. I hate the political maneuvering; the very idea that candidates have image consultants deciding the best way to address such issues. I hate that we, as a country, have become so bitterly angry and divided. I hate that we no longer seem capable of solving problems together. I hate that our political figures have torn us apart.

Mainly, I hate that so many innocents left the earth last night.

For no good reason.

11 thoughts on “Orlando”

  1. You got a President and a candidate who can’t even bring themselves to say the words Islamic terror and you harp on Trump? The only guy who is un PC and calls it what it is? Obviously you got to go after guns. Disregarding all the inner city black violence that happens on a daily basis. Or did they get the guns legally? Gun control nuts should stop with the control crap. Just say what you mean. You want to destroy and ban all guns.

  2. Yes there’s a gun problem. But CRIMINALS don’t follow laws! See Chicago.
    It’s against the law to murder someone!
    You think there being a law against a specific gun is going to matter?

    Come on you agnostic Jew!
    You’re smarter than that.
    I thought.

    Islam is causing terror all over this planet, and it’s no mystery WHY.

    Read their own book, the Qur’an. And read what Muhammad DID, and SAID.

    1. Yes, it’s the old argument that criminals don’t follow laws, so there shouldn’t be laws.

      So let’s throw out all the laws against robbery and burglary. After all, those crimes are still committed. Same with business codes, automobile violations, building codes, etc. Any law, code, or ordinance that has ever been violated obviously isn’t working, so let’s get rid of those.

  3. The AR15 was never banned by any law passed in congress. Oh the WaPo was your source. So we should only talk about guns and not about Muslims? Can we talk about Muslim extremists? Or will that cause more to hate us?

      1. If you don’t know, why do you respond.? Try Google, “post ban AR15”. Facts are facts and easy to find “and afterward gun manufacturers made cosmetic changes to semi-automatic weapons so these guns would not violate the new law.”

      2. Funny — I Googled that phrase, and there are many phrases that refer to an AR-15 ban. Not sure how making changes to a weapon so it won’t violate a ban = no ban ever.

        And if you reread my post, I never said that I did not know. Furthermore, I knew precisely that changes had been made to those weapons, which is why I phrased the post the way I did. That table could be incorrect. (But I don’t think it is. In fact, I am very certain it is not.)

        And again, the table I posted has at least two references to the AR-15 being banned. Yes, some modifications were made later. Doesn’t change the fact that from 1994-2004, there was a ban in effect on some type(s) of the AR-15.

        Read. Think. Then post. Get the order right. I know gunners are quick to throw up all sorts of semantics to try to justify desires for weapons that border on insanity/abnormality. Try to overcome it. I know this will take a lot of effort. Try to sleep a few nights without a handgun under your pillow. That might help. Also, the sooner you realize the NRA simply wants zombies to keep buying weapons, the better off you will be. I know it will be really, really hard to think independently at this point, but if you avoid those influences and really push yourself, you might be able to achieve it.

      3. “Facts are facts” — funny that you post this, as you seem to be stumbling over them quite hard.

    1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2012/12/17/everything-you-need-to-know-about-banning-assault-weapons-in-one-post/

      Just to help you out more. In the article, it says: “Certain models of AR-15s and AK-47s were banned.” So saying the AR-15 was never banned would be incorrect.

      I know that you have been trained by your NRA overlords and zombie trainers to insist immediately that The Washington Post is biased. But this would be a fact — not an opinion. Thus, you are wrong. I am sure you have heard this many times before.

      Again: Read. Think. Then post.

  4. Jeff, I actually was waiting for you to write about the terrorist incident. First, let me offer my condolences to your entire family on your loss. thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones.

    As someone who has dealt with terrorism since the late 80’s(my step sisters husband was kidnapped, tortured and hung by hezbollah in lebanon), you are correct in saying we can not kill terrorism, simply by killing the cannon fodder. unlike this country where the president is the leader, in Islam, the Iman is the leader, so as long as they preach hate, there will be many more young men and woman, lining up to throw their lives away, for whatever “glory” they are supposed to be rewarded with in death.

    The problem with gun control, is neither side wants common sense gun control, the right wants NONE, and the left wants complete disarmament(that is the end game for the gun control lobby). this shooter was on the FBI watch list twice, and yet no one thought to flag his name in the background check system? that is a dereliction of duty by the government. I happen to support the 2nd amendment, but i also support complete background checks as well, they are not counter intuitive to each other.

    as for Trump, he reminds me of a cross between WC Fields and P.T. Barnum. the old saying is “you can fool some of the people some of the time” he is saying “i can fool an entire political party all of the time”

    some questions still need to be answered….how did he gain entrance to the club, that employed off duty cops as security? how many patrons were hit by police/security bullets in the two firefights between the gunman and police? how many people died during the 3 hour standoff because police waited for SWAT to go in?

    i do not think saying islamic terror being said, would make a bit of difference, terrorism at the end of the day is not religious at all, it is political in nature, because it causes countries to change policies that only affect law abiding citizens, because criminals, no matter the type of crime do not follow the law.

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