The decency of Sage Steele

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Because we live in this world of BAM and POW and THIS and THAT and TWEET and SNAP and CHAT and 1,001 differet things competing for our attentions, it’s become easy to overlook nuance.

So here’s a little thing that is quite big.

A few days ago the wife and I interviewed ESPN’s Sage Steele for our podcast, The Sports Parent. We were having some audio difficulties, and—while trying to get the level right—I jokingly asked Sage whether she’d take Skip Bayless’ (suddenly open) position across from Stephen A. Smith at the network. I said something akin to, “You can be the new yeller …” Again, it was just small talk. But it was snarky small talk. I was sorta taking a shot at a guy whose work doesn’t float my boat. And Sage, who’s just wonderful, didn’t bite. She said Skip was a friend and a great guy, and while she wouldn’t want that position, she loved and respected and …

It really had me thinking. It would have been 1,000 times easier for Sage to dump on Skip Bayless. I mean, it would have fit in with my tone and texture. But she didn’t. She defended a friend.

Which makes her the type of person (and friend) we’d all be better for knowing.

Here’s this week’s episode, starring Sage.

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  1. Frank Sutherland

    I gained respect for her the day live on set a male made a joking flirtation with her and she immediately, seriously informed him she was married.

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