I needed this


Woke up this morning in a dark place.

Not enough sleep.

Plagued by a book deadline.

Argued with the daughter.

Had to clean the dishes in the sink.

Then—I saw the above image.

We moved to Southern California two years ago, and during winters I realize how absolutely badly I needed it. I couldn’t stand the snow, the cold, the wind, the frost, the breeze. Yes, I loved that first white on the ground. But I loathed the following day, and the following day, and the following day. I hated walking my dog on the ice, and seeing her piss turn white yellow. I hated sitting inside the local Starbucks and shivering every time the door opened.

The whole scene made me a miserable human being. I was OK in November and December, because the holidays and lights keep you aloft. But come January, February, March—hell. Pure hell.

Woke up this morning in a dark place.

Now I’m in the light.