When your congressman knowingly speaks to a bunch of hatemongers

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My congressman here in California’s 48th District is Dana Rohrabacher. He’s a lifelong Republican, an unapologetic Trump supporter, a friend of Russia and a defender of traditional (aka: white) America.

Two days ago, down by his home turf of Huntington Beach, Rohrabacher addressed a #MAGA March. He spoke for but a couple of minutes, and very little of that was caught on video. What was captured, however, was the above image of Rohrabacher, the crowd and a particular sign. Here, wait, I’ll zoom in …

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What it says is DA GOYIM KNOW

In case you don’t know, “Goyim” is a derisive term used by Jews for those who don’t practice. In my 45 years as a Jew, I’ve probably heard it used twice—by my grandparents’ neighbors, oh, 35 years ago. It’s not something we say.

Here, the sign is clearly (as in, without question) meant to be anti-Semitic; a big ‘F-you’ to Jews. And there, right in front of it, is Dana Rohrabacher, talking away. Later, as the march progressed, the hatred only increased, as we saw vile like this …

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Is it surprising? Considering the tone that’s overtaken this nation of late, I should probably say no. But, truly, I am shocked. Racists exist everywhere. But when your congressman doesn’t merely ignore the behavior, but surround himself with it … well, something is wrong.

Something is really wrong.

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